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During a recent study, it was found that approximately 80% of candidates experience phobia/fear during an Interview.

But only a few who overcome this fear, increase their probability of being successful. It is no secret, but by following certain tips and tricks it may help you win your dream job in the IT sector.

Certain common questions posted after entering into any interview room help you warm up your skills, tends to reduce the nervousness and helps you prepare for the upcoming questions.

The answers that you deliver for these questions also makes a lasting impression (at least, till the end of the interview) either good or bad (in the worst scenario) encouraging the interviewer to ask more about you.

Let’s explore few know-hows to overcome fear of job interviews & some useful tips to crack it.

1. Resume – First Impression even before meeting you

Always be honest in your approach towards writing and building a CV/resume.

Your resume reaches the interviewer before you do. It creates the prime impression in the mind of interviewer without even looking at you. So make sure your first impression is the best impression.

While creating a resume – List your present first, then your past. A great resume is incomplete without a cover letter. When employers have many resumes, they may first screen the cover letter. Use the cover letter to showcase your personality, and interests in the field you are applying for.

Another key point is to search a bit on the company itself.

2. Confidence and Communication

Self confidence is one such attribute that is extremely valued by employers. Set the confidence by Standing Still, Making eye contact and Smile when needed.

Speak English fluently and confidently. Don’t be afraid about the person’s thoughts. Be your own kind and carry your own accent. Carry the conversation forward confidently even if there are any grammatical errors.

The serious eye contact made by the interviewer depicts his interest in your personality and body language thus building confidence in you.

Interview will flow naturally if you have good communication skills.

A positive and confident introduction leaves an everlasting first impression. Listen, observe and think before you speak. They must be convinced that you are the right individual for the job. Good communication skills would certainly help you convey this.

Maintain the philosophy towards work and express it.

3. Answer wisely

Design an approach towards the course of interview. Prepare a list of credible questions along with their answers i.e. what an interviewer might ask you.

Believe me if you are thorough with this exercise, eventually you will be in a situation to make a probable list of atleast 70% of questions being asked during the interview.

Stay positive and be confident throughout the interview. Avoid personal traits regarding questions like strengths, weaknesses. Do not reveal any personal areas of concern. If you find them asking any inappropriate questions, here, the interviewer is evaluating your tolerance level, and way you react to stressful situations.

now about the IT sector

Job Requirements

It is crucial to be aware of the job profile and whether you are competent with the profile mentioned. Better to ask for Job Description before appearing for interview.

Thinking about IT Courses

Mention the things you have achieved and jobs you have held formerly that concern to the position you are being interviewed for.

Body language

90% of what you say actually doesn’t come out of your mouth, but it is your body language which speaks. Only 10% is the oral communication.

It takes only 1/10th of a second to form an impression on a stranger. Dressing improper make interviewer think, you are least interested in the Job.

a. Preparation for Interview

In general, students make an awful mistake of not preparing for a technical campus interview well in advance.

Perform certain groundwork research regarding the organization, you are attending interview for. Learn about its current issues and about the major persons behind the company.

Appearing for mock tests beforehand would help you better.

b. Questions that can be raised in an Interview

Always have some questions prepared.

Make a note that interviews are not just a situation where employers get to know you, but an opportunity to let go of fears, be confident with your skills and post your queries to the interviewer without any hesitation. In fact, it enhances and upskills your personality.

These questions generally include,

“Can you explain the roles and responsibilities of job, in greater detail?”

“What are the growth opportunities for me in this company?”

“What are the next steps of interviewing process?”

Technical Interview Questions

It is important for you to know the whereabouts of the technical subject for the interview. To avoid blunders, know your subject well enough.

c. Avoid Arguments with the Interviewer

It is not sensible to putforth any kind of argument during interview. Accept the fact that the person before you, has much experience and skills. So be patient, listen & never expostulate to justify your point. Instead of putting your point aggressively, put it in a pleasing approach.

Don’t try to prove your point if the interviewer has misunderstood you in any way possible. As this makes him think that you are very impatient, and not grown up to handle unexpected speculations.

d. Make a smooth transition

If you are unwilling to relocate, say it honestly rather than giving exceptions, as this may make them think you are unfit for the flexible job, which might in turn changes your job profile for the future giving you a loophole in your career.

This kind of unrude corporate behavior can never be neglected.

Trust me – it may ruin progress in your career in long run and might affect, while you try to reach top most positions of the enterprise with this kind of attitude.

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