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We all want a cushy 6 figure job, and it is possible. I did it! My name is Jess Phillips and I work at onlinecoursehow.com, and I took my skills in digital marketing and applied them correctly to get the job of my dreams. Now, I make enough to live comfortably, doing all of the things I’ve always wanted to do. You can do it, too, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. Here are 9 tactics that helped me get a 6 figure SEO job. 

How to Get a 6-Figure SEO Job?

1. I Worked on a Side Project That Brought in 10k Visitors a Month

It’s important to demonstrate your value during your interview. Work hard and create something you can show to the interviewer. Many people who feel stuck at work can do this by finding outside jobs to pad their resume. By working on these additional projects, I was able to demonstrate my value as an SEO expert. 

I did not become an SEO expert overnight though. If you want to get started in the SEO field, check out these 3 beginner-friendly resources:

  1. 10 Content Marketing tactics.
  2. Complete guide to Local SEO.
  3. Different kind of Backlinks.

Interviewers knew that not only was I ambitious for working on additional projects but that I clearly knew how to produce results. Do the same thing in your field. It will give you confidence and something to talk about with the interviewer. 

Companies want to see measurable results. 

Get to the numbers and show the company that you’re interviewing what you have done for companies in the past and how you can do the same thing for them. AS mentioned before, use numbers wherever possible.

Practice how to talk about your past work in the best way using industry jargon and hot phrases. You don’t only want to show your capability with numbers, but you also want to sound like an expert. 

2. Follow the Firms in Your Area

Become aware of the companies in your area that either offer SEO services or employ people to carry out these tasks as part of their team. Follow the ones that interest you the most. Learn more about their culture, the type of business they are involved in, and what they are doing within their industries.

Where possible, involve yourself with what they are doing. That could mean stepping forward to work on a project that is related to their products and services. Or, better still, approaching them and asking for the chance to work for them as an intern or maybe a volunteer if they are involved in the not for profit sector.

The more you know about these firms the easier it will be for you to convince them to employ you. It will be even easier if you already have some sort of contact with them, especially if you have worked for, or alongside, them at some point.

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3. I Used Humorous Cold Emails to Founders and HR Managers

Personality is extremely important to hiring managers. They want someone who they can communicate with. You can demonstrate your unique personality when reaching out to them about possible opportunities. 

Don’t be afraid to include some humor in your emails. It will make you stand out in a good way. However, you should be mindful that some people may not appreciate all types of humor, so keep it as professional as possible. 

For advice on how to accomplish this most effectively, listen to Jon Buchan’s enlightening podcast on the topic. Getting your foot in the door can be hard. However, with the right tone and wording, you can get the break that will change your life forever. It’s a delicate balance, and this podcast explains how to do it perfectly. 

4. Start making contributions to the job you want to gain their attention

Let’s say a job you want to do, and you know you’d be good at it. You know there’s an open position, so you send in your information hoping for a response. Instead of waiting, you should reach out. Many people simply ask for an update and leave it at that. This will not do anything but annoy the people, causing them to not want to hire you. Instead, you should make a contribution

You should make an effort to do a little bit of work when reaching out for an update. For example, if the job consists of gathering data on a specific topic, send in some data on that topic. You are demonstrating your ability to do the job and even possibly giving them the information they might need. 

Let them know that you are available for more work. Do this regularly until they finally reach out and offer you a position. 

5. Join Marketing Courses Communities 

It is never too early to start networking. Start from the first day you get involved in the world of SEO. You need to get involved in professional networking to find opportunities. Look for Online courses and events in your area that relate to your field. When you attend these events, be sure to speak up and show people what you know. 

Getting the right job is all about convincing the right people that you are an expert at what you do. Be prepared with information that can enlighten those around you while not making them feel belittled or patronized.

You don’t necessarily need to be a know-it-all to get attention, either. Asking intelligent and well-thought-out questions can also make a great impact. Research the event and speakers to come up with valuable questions ahead of time. When people see your passion and quest for knowledge, they may give you the chance to use this to their benefit and hire you.

If the courses you are taking have forums get involved there too. You will learn more and start to make connections with your teachers and other students. If you can do so, help others by answering their questions. This is a particularly good way to get noticed and build relationships. In time, the people you engage with as a student could become your employers or partners.

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6. Setting up a Website to Share What You Are Learning, as You Learn It

Above, I mentioned spending a little time in forums answering questions. This next suggestion builds on that. I realized quite early on that if I sat down and tried to explain something I had not long learned to someone else that things made far more sense to me too.

Explaining things made me go through the process in my head from A to Z. Pushing me to review what I had learned and go back over anything I had not fully understood.

When you are explaining something to someone else, you can´t dodge learning the tricky stuff. It helps to keep you on track and stay more disciplined. I used to spend about 10 minutes after completing each section of a course, writing a summary of what I had just learned. Often, I would end up sharing them with other students who were a bit stuck.

One of the best ways to do this is to set up your own website and share your journey into the world of SEO. You will be helping others, cementing what you learn, and building your brand.

Most companies work hard to give back to their communities. So, when they see a candidate that has been doing this themselves they are usually very keen to hire you. I didn´t personally do this, but do know a few people who have and it has helped them a great deal.

Of course, the other advantage to running your own site is that you are putting what you are learning into practice. You are doing the kind of work you will be doing for clients for your own site.

7. Always Ask for Feedback From the HR Manager 

You’re not going to get every job you apply for. However, that doesn’t mean you wasted your time. After you receive a rejection for a position, kindly ask for feedback. They may be able to give you insight on how to improve your interview skills.

They can also give you feedback on what aspects of your resume you need to focus on most. The truth of the matter is that you might not have described your experience in a way that showed your wroth.

This information can be utilized in your next interview to hopefully get the position. Remember to always be kind, even if you disagree with the feedback. If you communicate well with the person giving you feedback, you may be invited back the next time they interview for that position. 

I love my work. One of the main reasons that I love my work is the large paycheck that comes with it. No matter what industry you are in, you can use these tactics to help you pull the better job you’ve been looking for. All it takes is a little bit of gusto and a lot of work. 

8. Stay Ahead of the Trends

The world of SEO is a fast-moving one. The fact that search engines are constantly changing their rankings algorithm, ensures that this is the case. So there is always something new to learn. Keeping up can be a struggle. But it is vital that you make the effort to do so.

Firms want to hire people who are flexible and have a good overall understanding of digital marketing. In particular, to fill the more well-paid roles. Often, these involve your leading a multi-disciplinary team, so you need to have a broad understanding of all of the SEO job skills.

It is also important to know about the latest algorithm changes and what new techniques are starting to emerge to keep your firm´s site ranking. You also need to be familiar with emerging social media platforms and how to market on them. As well as keep an eye on other digital mediums.

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9. Become a Public Speaker

Not everyone feels comfortable speaking publically. If are one of the lucky ones who can do it, seek out opportunities to do so. It is a great way to get noticed, to be seen as an expert, and to grow your personal brand. You will also hone your presentation skills and greatly improve your confidence.

You don´t even have to speak at a huge conference to tick this box. Some local meet-ups start with a short talk. Or, you could opt to speak at a smaller conference. 

It does not matter too much what kind of public speaking you do, the fact that you can do it is a big draw for many firms. They need their executives to be able to act as advocates for them and their brand. The fact that so few people have the confidence to speak publicly means that this is an excellent way to stand out from the crowd. it is a desirable skill and one that makes you appear to be exceptionally competent.

This is how I prepared myself to land and take on a six-figure SEO job. Anyone can do the same. But it is important to find your own way. Playing to your strengths will help you to progress quicker than if you force yourself to follow the exact same path as someone else.

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