Years ago, digital marketers stood out with their suites and ties. Today, for a digital marketer to be recognizable, he or she must be insanely skilled. For those entering the field, the journey to stardom is a little murkier than in the past. Competition is stiff, yet the digital marketing field is always on the move.

3 Skills Every Digital Marketing Hopeful Should Master

The evolution in the digital marketing industry gives a newbie no time to settle. How can new marketers succeed? A prospective digital marketer must learn the following three skills to start.

Skill #1: Basic CSS and HTML

Building a website from scratch may not be the intention here, but having a grasp of basic coding skills is a great skill for new graphic marketers. This is because presenting images clearly and professionally is part of a digital marketer’s career life. Armed with these skills, one is able to adjust everything accordingly.

We are talking about critical components such as landing pages for an email campaign. There is no point in an organization outsourcing skills for a job that an in-house marketer can do. Having a digital marketer who can modify websites and design email campaigns not only saves time, but also saves the organization loads of money.

Skill #2: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The fall of outbound marketing came with the rise of Google. Since then, everyone has been seeking first page ranking. SEO knowledge has been a top skill for digital marketers, and this does not seem likely to change, at least in the near future. In fact, all studies show that the need for this skill is increasing.

Just how does a digital marketer interact with SEO?

Think about the importance of top search engine performance for any organization. Consider also about the process of getting to the top of these searches. Algorithm changes happen frequently and someone needs to stay on top of them. No one fits this role better than a digital marketer does. 

Skill #3: Content Creation

Like SEO, content creation and marketing is growing in popularity at a surprising rate. The importance of content creation for an upcoming digital marketer was evident in a Venngage survey recently.

The survey found that at least 25% of all entry-level digital marketing jobs ask for this skill. Considering that this demand has been increasing from as far as 2011, it is clear that the value for content is sky-high. Interestingly, there is a shortage of people skilled in this area, which should be good news for you if you want to grow in this area.


As an entrant to the dynamic digital marketing world, you need to develop the relevant skills to lay the foundation for a flourishing career. Demand for digital marketers is increasing, but the skills gap is also widening. This situation is the perfect platform for a budding professional to highlight ability.

Knowing which skills count and establishing yourself alongside that line will give you competitive advantage. We have shared three skills here, but you can learn more about digital marketing from similar articles on the topic.  

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Gerry Lewis is a digital marketer with over a decade of experience helping businesses with SEO Chicago services, and all over the world. His main passion is helping new digital marketers find their place in this ever-changing world

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