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Social Media has become the prominent media through which brands can represent their products or services. Social Media, which was non-existent 10 years ago, has become a vital platform for companies to connect with their customers, advertise their products or services, and even sell their products or offer their services.

With this growth in the importance of social media, the emergence of new roles has also been seen; like the position of Social Media Manager. In this article, we will discuss the skills that are important for a Social Media Manager.

As technology and behavior patterns of end-users have changed over the years, new roles and profiles have come up. Social Media Manager is one such profile, which did not even exist some years ago. Nowadays, it is an attractive and reputed position, with social media taking the center stage of a lot of organization’s marketing plans.

Here are 6 skills that will push you towards your dream of becoming a Social Media Manager:

1. Creativity

What makes content go viral in social media?

One of the ingredients for viral content is created. Creative visual and video content are always important in getting the right amount of engagement from the followers. It is important that you show your creative side in the resume to have a better opportunity of getting the position.

Followers tend to get bored by content which is repetitive. This is why a Social Media Manager should have the creative bent of mind to create engaging content, engaging campaigns, etc. to keep the followers engaged.

2. Strategy, Planning, and Execution

Social Media Managers are associated with the planning of social calendars and they should know what kind of strategy the brand should adopt to have better engagements. Social Media is not just about posting daily and waiting to get engagements. One should understand what type of posts or content would strike the right chord with the followers.

You must have the skills to be able to understand your followers, what they like, and what they expect from the brand. Accordingly, you can plan your content strategy to attract their attention and in turn, increase the engagement levels. Also, a strategy is as good as its execution. Not knowing how to execute can even turn a great plan into a common one.

3. Analytical Abilities

How will you know if your campaigns have fared well or not? This is when your analytical skills will come into play. What is your return on investment, if you have used paid campaigns?

A good Social Media Manager will have the data to back his/her claims and show if the campaigns are effective. Nowadays, social media platforms have their own analytical tools, through which you can make informed decisions and pull out data to analyze the effectiveness of your content.

4. Communication Skills

Communication is not only about your dealing with the team members or other members of your marketing division, but also how you communicate with the followers. The headlines or the call to action needs to be captivating so that the followers are motivated enough to click. This requires you to have good copy-writing skills or an understanding of copy-writing.

You will also need the skills to keep your team motivated and the management informed. All of this requires the right communication abilities like that of a leader.

5. Community Management

Social Media is all about reaching out to the customers in a way that you have a closer connection. So, post it and forget it is not a healthy practice; one should be very observant and respond to any queries honestly and quickly. Quick and honest replies are a sure way to get on the good side of your customers.

If you cannot solve some problems, escalate it to the person who has the authority to. It is important to learn how to respond to trolls and negative feedback so as to not harm the brand image.

6. Stay Up-to-Date with Latest Technologies

There are periodic changes in the technology associated with social media. There is also the fear that your audience may start migrating to a new platform. It is necessary to have an idea of the new technologies and platforms available in the market in order to quickly take advantage any platform has to offer in the future.

Are you interested in a Social Media career?

Do you have these skills on your resume?

It is not late to start a course in Social Media and get the required skills needed to become a Social Media Manager.


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