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How to Start Your Career as a Digital Nomad?

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Leading the lifestyle of a digital nomad is becoming increasingly popular. It is the type of living many young people embrace in order to travel the world without borrowing money from their parents or taking expensive loans.

Advanced technologies allow digital nomads to earn money online. Since Western countries are generally more expensive, sums they earn worth much more in the developing world. This allows them to follow the adventurist lifestyle.

Due to the huge wage gap between Western countries and the rest of the world, many digital nomads save a lot of money during their travels, which allows them to buy a house or start a business after they come home.


A digital nomad lifestyle doesn’t require you to drag your entire office tech equipment around. A single laptop is basically everything you need for building a successful career while traveling the world. A smartphone can also be very useful, for keeping you informed and connected, while you are on the go. You should also buy a good-quality backpack, with a padded laptop pocket.

How to Find Clients?

Digital nomads usually find clients on online freelance marketplaces. Websites like Freelancer.com, Upwork.com, Fiverr.com, 99design.com etc. enable nomads to answer bids and win jobs in many different niches. Software development jobs usually come with the highest salaries, but other popular freelance professionals like: translator, content writer and designer can also earn significant amounts of money that are sufficient for adventurous living.

Although online marketplaces can serve as a great springboard, in the beginning, relying on unknown clients while traveling can be very tiresome. That’s why digital nomads need to find regular clients. They can agree to communicate and process orders through emails or project management applications, so they can avoid commissions charged by freelancing platforms.

How to Find Travel Deals?

Digital nomads should use benefits of low cost airlines. With few hundred dollars they can travel to other parts of the world. There are many different websites and apps they can use for flight search and comparisons, including: Sky Scanner, Google Flights, Kayak or Hopper.

For short excursions they should use different means of transport, with hitchhiking being the least expensive one. They can also use buses and trains, as well as ride-sharing platforms like Blablacar or Haxi. When it comes to inner-city transport, most digital nomads use bikes, public transport or apps like Uber and Lyft.

Where to Stay?

Digital nomads usually rent apartments and rooms in or around the city center, where all the action happens. Before they find a suitable deal, they usually stay in hostels or use AirBnB, which allows them to rent apartments or rooms for short periods of time. There is also a Couchsurfing community, which supports people to offer free lodging to travelers.

What to eat?

Before they find an apartment, digital nomads eat in affordable restaurants and on fast food stands. Most of them are interested in local customs, culture and cuisine, so this is an ideal opportunity for them to try new exotic dishes. After they find an apartment they usually switch to cooking and buying fresh ingredients on local markets. Digital nomads and other expats often organize cooking and potluck meetings for curing they home food nostalgia. These meetings are also great for locals, who can taste expats’ national dishes and have an extraordinary cultural experience.

Social life

Couchsurfing and AirBnB are also great for connecting people. Couchsurfing community organizes weekly or monthly meetings that gather locals, travelers, digital nomads and other people alike, in almost every bigger city around the world. Cities that are popular digital nomad hubs, like Bangkok, Prague or Hong Kong have regular expat meetings that gather digital nomads and expats who work for foreign companies. Digital nomads are also heavy users of social networks and online dating apps, like Tinder or Coffee Meets Bagel.

Digital nomads are modern age pioneers of cultural exchange. Their life aboard represents a great chance for promotion of peace and mutual understanding. Most digital nomads acquire a lot of useful knowledge and skills on their travels. Their multiculturalism and the lack of prejudice helps them a lot in later phases of their professional career and enables them to easily fit into diversified teams.

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