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Changing jobs is always a stressful period in our lives and it is in our best interest to go through that transition as smoothly as possible. Leaving one position and starting a new career is never easy and that is why we are here for you to make that change quickly and painlessly. 

This article is for all those who need a little help with finding out if a career in programming and development is really something you should consider, but also for those who might need a little push towards a new job!

How to Start A Career in Programming

Making the leap

First things first: many people are scared of learning to code for a couple reasons, main one being – “I’m really bad at math…”. Well, you will be glad to know that programming certain types of websites takes less math than adding up your grocery store receipts. You literally don’t need to know how to add and subtract in order to make websites. You need to know English and just a speck of creativity and imagination.

Another thing to take into consideration is the versatility of the programming world. There are many different types and classifications of programming, but in the end it mostly comes down to these 3 types of programming:

  1. Front end – this is what makes the websites and games look the way they do
  2. Back end – this is the part of websites and games that makes them run
  3. Mobile development – making mobile apps and programs, pretty self-explanatory

All you have to do now is make a decision. What kind of programming is most appealing to you? Are you creative and you come up with great designs? It’s front end for you buddy. You like to grind and get down and dirty with your work? Back end will be a perfect fit for you! Do you lean more towards the mobile industry than computers and laptops? That’s a call for a career in mobile development!

How do I start?

There are 3 basic ways of getting started with programming:

  1. Going to college and majoring in IT or something similar
  2. Enrolling into classes that will make you a certified developer
  3. Do some digging and put in the extra effort and educate yourself

Since you don’t have time or money to go to college for 4 – 5 years and you need a job right now, we are going to eliminate the first two options. So, how does one go about educating himself in programming?

Well, first you need to get yourself a comfortable chair (that’s really important for developers as you’ll be spending most of your time sitting down and typing) and start looking for good online courses to learn from. Youtube offers many videos and guides which can give you a feel for what’s ahead of you and how much effort this will require.

1. Codecademy

One of the most popular ways of teaching yourself how to program is by registering onto educational websites that offer free and paid courses. One such website is Codecademy which offers a variety of courses in programming languages.

This website also makes it extremely easy for you to keep track of what you’ve learned so far, as well as showing you how far you got in the courses you are currently taking. All lessons are completely free and tests are included as well. The courses are made so that you can’t move onto the next lesson until you have mastered the current task.

How to Start A Career in Programming

2. Udemy

Another website that gained a huge popularity a while ago is Udemy, which not only offers courses in programming and development but also other related jobs such as design and digital marketing. However, Udemy requires you to pay for the courses you are taking and thus we are giving advantage to another free website..

3. Free code camp

Free code camp started as a resource for people who want to learn how to code and help non-profit businesses and has so far generated over 4,000 jobs and over 1.5 million dollars in donations from development work!

How to Start A Career in Programming

Let’s keep it interesting

Taking up programming can sometimes take you places you didn’t intend to go – such as looking for anything to do other than your next code lesson. That is why it is important to keep yourself entertained and motivated. One way to do so is by playing games that help facilitate your programming knowledge such as Pocket Code.

How to Start A Career in Programming

Pocket Code allows you to create, edit, execute, share, and remix Catrobat programs in a visual, “LEGO-style” programming environment and programming language. You can remix programs that others have made and share them with your friends and the world.

App to keep in mind for future

Another app that might come in handy when you are a bit more established as a developer is PDF Converter Ultimate. I know, sounds silly, right? How could a PDF Converter be of any use to a programmer?

How to Start A Career in Programming

Well, in order to explain this one we’ll have to get a bit into the business part of programming. Since most developers use a simple text editor to write their code, such as Notepad or Wordpad on Windows devices, this app comes in handy very often. On occasion, people who hire you will be extremely cautious when sending sensitive files such as code, and would prefer to have them in some other format rather than HTML or CSS (which are the alpha and omega of front end development).

PDF Converter Ultimate has free conversion from PDF to Text, which means you can convert your HTML and CSS files as well. Not only that, but every conversion you make shouldn’t last more than a minute or so, no matter how big the file or how much code you have inside.

Tell us your experiences

In the end, it is always good to hear advice on programming from friends who have had experiences with learning how to code. After all, learning how to code by yourself is no easy task, but it is most definitely very achievable! All it takes is basic computer skills, a lot of time on your hands and most importantly – patience and a will to learn.

If you had experience with any of these websites or, perhaps websites similar to these feel free to voice your opinion in the comment section!

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