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Some key elements can establish the foundation of your music career success. When acquiring all of those keys, you can achieve limitless success in your music career.

However, if you don’t have these essentials in your life, your career potential in the music industry will be limited.

So, what are those keys that can help you succeed in the music industry?

1. Be Adventurous

Some musicians are successful because they don’t have another choice. That is, they have no plan B that they can use if their plan A failed. Hence, they have to make sure that their plan A works.

It may not always guarantee you have a successful music career. However, it’ll be a good motivator for you to help you get started.

And to help you get started, you might want to move to Nashville, Tennessee. It’s the best place to start a music career. It’s the country’s music mecca.

Taylor Swift, Kesha, and others started their music career in this city. So, start being adventurous and move to Music City. 

2. Live Modestly

While you’re just starting, you should not mind living modestly. You must remind yourself that you may not have a stable income.

Even if musicians can have a stable income, it could take years for it to be large enough to afford certain luxuries.

That said, you must only live within your means. Create a stable cash flow to cover immediate expenses, like food, gas, and utilities.

One of the ways to have a stable cash flow while making your way to a successful music career is to teach lessons. Several schools in the country look for a music teacher. So, grab that opportunity.

You can dream big. But make sure to dream a fulfilling life. Never dream about becoming big in the music industry because you want to own a mansion or a yacht. If that’s your case, you’ll never find success.

3. Be Patient

Always remember that being successful in the industry doesn’t happen overnight.

You may think that some artists appeared to have an instant music career, allowing them to enjoy having their music being played everywhere and blowing up the charts. But they’ve been planning and preparing for it for many years.

Keep in mind that only a few people will be fortunate to be signed by popular music labels at a very young age. If you don’t belong to that group of people, you must learn to take steps in improving your craft.

If you hone your skills every day, you can be the next best musician out there. But it could take years before you could successfully compete with other professional musicians.

Don’t lose hope. You must persistently seek new opportunities. If you follow that, it’ll be possible for you to find a gig that can give you a more stable position.

Thus, start growing your career gradually.

4. Enjoy What You Do Every Day

When you hone your skills, don’t do it for the sake of having a successful music career. Instead, do it because you enjoy it.

While you enjoy practicing your craft every day, you can continue to improve your craft. By continuing to do so, you’ll become better than others.

Real artists don’t stop learning and absorbing ideas that can enrich their minds. You must always read, listen, and be with interesting people. Learn from unconventional sources. As you continuously learn, you’ll become more interesting.

5. Be Versatile

To help you stay afloat, you need to be versatile. As a start, you can license out your music. In that way, it can be used in ads, movies, and TV shows.

You can accept private lessons or workshops as your day job alternative. It’s an excellent way for you to grow as a person and as an artist.

Another opportunity you can grab is to play a wedding gig, organize a concert, arrange a song, or write a review of a certain band. As you do it persistently, you’ll become visible.

People will start to know who you are. When you start to become famous, you can already demand and name your price.

6. Play Live 

People will never know who you are if you don’t start playing live in front of people. Don’t wait for a professional gig. Instead, play in front of your family, friends, and even strangers.

When you allow people to hear your songs, you’ll know what songs connect with people. From there, you can start measuring. Some artists tend to misjudge their songs. Keep in mind that some of the most popular songs were b-sides.

Once you know what songs connect with people, you can create a better list of songs to play.

Ivy league school

7. Make Some Friends

A music career isn’t made in isolation. Your friends and mentors in the industry must be growing steadily and well-maintained. One of these people will soon open an opportunity for you or share some new music ideas that can change your life.

Remember that having a large musical family is always a good thing to boost your music career.

However, you must focus on building a robust professional peer group. Although your family and friends are already great, they’re often biased in a way that they can’t give you proper guidance and advice on how to go on with your music career.

Instead, expand your list of peers and include music professionals. They can give constructive criticism. In that way, you can set up a more realistic list of goals and expectations.

8. Write Your Music

Those who produce and write their music are more likely to succeed than singers who sing the song of others. It makes you well-versed while making your sound more authentic.

It can take time and money to do it successfully, but it’s worth it. It’ll be an amazing experience. So start writing and producing now as your music will be your calling card in the entertainment industry.


These essentials of music career success aren’t easy. You may need months or years before you can start seeing results. But if you put the work in, you’ll soon see the outcome.

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