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How to Be Successful in Life Without Hurting Others?

There are two ways to be successful at every stage of your life.

The first approach is suppressing everyone else forcefully so that you are the last one standing and hence, you are the winner.

The second approach is giving your best shot and letting others give their best shot too and if yours is better than them, you become the winner naturally.

In every competition of life, both the ways are available but most of the people willingly choose the first approach because it seems easier to them.

The Reasons For Killing Competition

The people who take the first approach do not have enough self-confidence in their abilities. They do not possess the mentality to work together and come out the best out of the lot naturally. They think that if they let the competitors thrive, they themselves can never be successful.

Such people are habituated to becoming successful like that and they continue to do so throughout their lives and inspire others to do the same.

As a matter of fact, such people are highly jealous if their competitors achieve the goals they wanted to achieve. They try to kill the competition by any means necessary to be successful.

The means can be mentally hurting the competitors through various sources so that they fail to give their best shots. It can also be by playing politics in the circle they are in so that they get pulled down forcefully and the person playing the politics can shine.

A Better Approach

There is nothing as satisfying as being successful in a collaborative way. As surprising as it may sound to many, success can be achieved in collaboration with everyone else and on the basis of trust and a strong relationship. That is how various startups become successful with collaborative teamwork.

That is exactly how major bands around the world achieve fame. In every field of work, most of the successful and renowned personalities have achieved their goals with the collaboration with everyone else without any intention of hurting others and bringing someone down by backbiting and playing politics.

\When you listen to their stories of success, you will find them thanking so many people of their professions who helped them to reach the pinnacle of success and without them, they could have never achieved their goals so fast and conveniently.

Success Is Not A Competition

Starting from our school days, we get into the mentality that we have to beat everyone else to be the topper. We are never taught that it is not about beating others but performing your best so that you can outshine others naturally.

As a matter of fact, students can actually help each other to convert their weaknesses into strengths. But out of reserved mentality and sheer jealousy, they will be ready to do more harm than good to help others succeed in their paths.

It is always good to see everyone succeeding in life just like you rather than seeing others fail due to you not helping them or pulling them down and you are the only one shining. It is like playing a game of football where your goal is a cumulative effort of all the players in the pitch.

Even though your name will be on the score sheet for giving the goal as a striker, you will be happier to share the joy with your team players who performed their roles perfectly and contributed equally.

While giving a competitive exam like an entrance test, you do not think of beating others in the exam hall but you focus on giving your best so that your marks are as high as it can get. All the efforts that you put in pulling others down by various means do not really matter when the final days arrive.

Success Can Be Based On Trust And Relationship In Real Life 

When you go to an office as a worker, you can succeed to some extent by backbiting and playing politics to get a promotion before others who are more capable than you.

But in the long run, it is not going to help you if you waste your efforts in pulling others down while they are focusing on enhancing their performance.

Sure you can move up some steps but eventually, you will fail when others will move up consistently based on their merits pushing you into obscurity naturally.

As a matter of fact, in the professional life, everything is based on performance and teamwork. If the team does well, the team members get the appreciation.

For a team to perform at its best, there must be a friendly relationship among the team members. There must be enough trust among the members so that one can rely on the other and get help whenever required. This will ensure that every member can focus on their own performance rather than getting distracted by things going on at their back.

If you are the one who is jealous of others succeeding in their field, you will not want to help them even when you can. When that team member understands that, he will lose the trust in you and the performance of that person as well as the team will suffer.

Similarly, if you are jealous of your team members’ performance, you will start playing politics to pull him down. When the team suffers, the responsibility goes to the entire team and nothing will come out of your jealousy.

Instead, if you had helped your team members and let them performance without any distraction, the team performance would have been great and individual performance will have got noticed for a better future scope.

Always work on building a strong and trusted relationship with the team members as well as your competitors so that you can help each other out in your journey to your goals. This will help in the long run and boost you to a new height of success faster and conveniently than you imagined.

Conflicts Can Build A Better Relationship

While working in a collaborative way, there will be conflicts of opinions. Conflicts should not be seen as the end of a relationship between two members but as an opportunity to build a stronger relationship. Conflict is a natural element and if you suppress it for long, it will lead to something bigger and more conflicts.

Therefore, you should always let conflicts happen rather than letting negative things to build up mentally and creating distance from a person who is likely to be conflicting with you.

When you let out the conflict, only the positivity stays and if both the persons having the conflict is matured enough and they value their relationship and trust each other naturally, they will go for conflict resolution naturally and their relationship will grow and become stronger.

This is true for personal as well as professional life and once your relationship grows in both the field, success will be easier and faster. It is time to change your reserved mentality that success can be achieved only by beating others.

It is time to realize that competition is only a metal thing, but in reality, greater success can be achieved only through a collaboration of trust and strong relationship with everyone in and around your path.

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Harrish Sairaman is a well-known motivational teacher in India, helping many to achieve which once seemed unattainable like increase motivation, leadership & Corporate Performance.

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