What are the Best Cities to Find a Job?

Earlier this year, Forbes released its list of the best cities to find a job. The top spot did not go to a metropolis like New York City or Los Angeles. The winner was: Austin, Texas.  What makes Austin such a great place for jobs? According to mashable.com, Austin is home to large employers in … Continue reading “What are the Best Cities to Find a Job?”

6 Steps to Deep Dive Company Research

Whether identifying companies to target or preparing for an interview, research is a critical component to any successful career strategy. Most career coaches and interviewing experts agree that researching a company is key to formulating astute interview questions; in large part because employers recognize that those who took the time to uncover information about a … Continue reading “6 Steps to Deep Dive Company Research”

How To Manage Two Jobs Without Breaking a Sweat?

Gone are the days when people used to rely on only one job in order to bear expenses but it does not work anymore. Nowadays, people strive hard to have at least two jobs as bearing daily life expenses with a single job has become very difficult. If you are also aiming to find another … Continue reading “How To Manage Two Jobs Without Breaking a Sweat?”