5 Ways to Deal with A Difficult Boss

Having a difficult boss in an organization can affect one both psychologically and behaviorally. The psychological effects may be stress and lack of concentration prompting one not to have the urge to work. In order to be able to work amicably, there are 5 ways to deal with a difficult boss. This will not only … Continue reading “5 Ways to Deal with A Difficult Boss”

5 Signs of Bad Leadership

A toxic leader can be defined by many qualities. Toxic leadership can quickly destroy the culture of any organisation. And make coming to work a more difficult task than it should be. Workplaces can become toxic based on the leadership structures in place. But it’s never too late to make some improvements. Below is a … Continue reading “5 Signs of Bad Leadership”

6 Signs That Your Boss Doesn’t Really Like You

Ever have the feeling that your boss doesn’t care for you that much? You might be imagining things, but in most cases, you can trust your intuition. It could actually be true. And while being tight with your boss isn’t mandatory for being happy at your job, feeling like your superiors at work openly dislike … Continue reading “6 Signs That Your Boss Doesn’t Really Like You”

Tough Workplace Dilemnas and How to Overcome Them

At the beginning of your career, you were excited. Finally, you’d found the path you wanted to be on, and you were independent. Fast forward a few years, and things are very different. That early exuberance has given way to feelings of malaise. You never expected it to be like this. You’ve been through some … Continue reading “Tough Workplace Dilemnas and How to Overcome Them”