13 Benefits of Working From Home

The idea of working from home brings many dreamy scenarios to mind. You can imagine people rolling out of bed whenever they want and begin to start work in their PJs. Or even, see people answering emails on a hammock on a nice sunny beach. As a person who is already working from home, this … Continue reading “13 Benefits of Working From Home”

The Art of Saying “No” at Work

It’s hard to say “no” to someone you work with. You never know when you might need someone’s help or someone to cover for you while you sneak out to go home or somewhere else important. However, accepting to help someone else can have drastic effects on the way people perceive you at work. There … Continue reading “The Art of Saying “No” at Work”

7 Work Habits You Should Get Rid of Immediately

Do you know that an average person spends 90,000 hours at work in a lifetime? It means you spend a considerable amount of time working and staying satisfied at work is a must if you want to be a happy person. Even if you love what you do, dealing with work duties can be daunting … Continue reading “7 Work Habits You Should Get Rid of Immediately”

How to Stay Focused: 15 Excellent Tips to Increase Efficiency

Do you sometimes have problems focusing while working or studying? Don’t worry—it happens to many of us. Luckily, there are methods that can help you improve your focus and be more productive each and every day. If you have ever wondered how to stay focused better, the tips outlined below will provide you with all … Continue reading “How to Stay Focused: 15 Excellent Tips to Increase Efficiency”

How to Make Your Business Safer & More Sustainable

Safe and sustainable businesses are more ethical, more profitable and more likely to last. Too often in business, safety and sustainability are seen as afterthoughts. Rather than investing money in making their businesses safer or more sustainable, businesses try to cut corners by being wasteful or by pushing the limits of employee safety. Introducing a … Continue reading “How to Make Your Business Safer & More Sustainable”

Key Tips on Writing an Effective Results-Driven Resume

Nowadays, the interviewers of the leading companies put maximum importance on the attractiveness of the resume or CV. They gain an idea about the interviewee from the resume. In many cases, the companies hire only shortlisted candidates for the interview. In such cases, the resume of an interviewee must be very attractive, professional and precise … Continue reading “Key Tips on Writing an Effective Results-Driven Resume”