How to Get Into Digital Marketing and Stay Alive?

According to the U.S.News statistics, marketing manager position is the #14 among 100 the highest-paid jobs in the United States. Many young people choose digital marketing as their job. But do they know what it takes to get into digital marketing? Nowadays anyone can learn marketing and find work without having a degree. But it requires … Continue reading “How to Get Into Digital Marketing and Stay Alive?”

16 Signs You Might Be Fired

Being fired is a challenging process, even for the strong-hearted. The change that’s about to come may be frightening and confusing, especially because it’s not really your choice to go. Nevertheless, one of the toughest aspects that some employees struggle with is the uncertainty and the lack of understanding. When you don’t know why you’re … Continue reading “16 Signs You Might Be Fired”

6 Tips for Every Freelancer

Setting your own hours. Creating your ideal work environment. Making money while your dog is curled up next to you. Pursuing a freelance writing career is appealing in many ways. But being your own boss has its pros and cons, and even the most seasoned of freelancers sometimes have trouble balancing the added demands that freelancing … Continue reading “6 Tips for Every Freelancer”

10 Side Hustle Myths That Need to Be Debunked ASAP

Thinking about starting a side hustle? There’s a good chance you’re already sitting on a profitable idea. Every day, people from all walks of life are turning their hobbies, passions, and creative outlets into lucrative side hustles. All it takes is a little willpower and entrepreneurial thinking. You may have a laundry list of excuses … Continue reading “10 Side Hustle Myths That Need to Be Debunked ASAP”

7 Things That Make a Personal Brand Better

This year, personal bending is not a choice anymore, but a necessity. After all, it’s the best way to prove and present your skills and expertise to the global audience, while collecting an army of brand supporters along the way. And the more alluring your brand is, the higher the chances of exploiting new market … Continue reading “7 Things That Make a Personal Brand Better”

5 Job Interviewing Tips For Introverts

Your resume is breath-taking, your cover letter is a work of art, and you’re the perfect fit for the position you’re applying for. However, if you’re an introvert, there’s one terrifying hurdle standing between you and a gainful employment: the job interview of course. You aren’t necessarily shy or socially anxious just because you’re an … Continue reading “5 Job Interviewing Tips For Introverts”

2 Sides of An Infographic Resume: Content vs. Appearance

There has been a new trend with job seekers and we are not yet sure if we like it or not. We know that a lot of information is distributed through visuals, because our brains are more inclined to believe an image, than written content. It is important to check out the company you are … Continue reading “2 Sides of An Infographic Resume: Content vs. Appearance”

How to Build a Career as an SEO Specialist

Guess you are quite aware. It’s one of the most sought after skills. According to LinkedIn 2015 and 2016 top skills survey, search engine optimization remains one of the top 10 skills employers sought after. And I guess that’s why you reading this article, to learn how you can build a career as an SEO … Continue reading “How to Build a Career as an SEO Specialist”