20 High-Paying Jobs You Won’t Need a Degree for

Is higher-education a necessity? Is it a must for everyone to have it? The two questions can be difficult to find answers to them especially when you consider the people who are successful in life without higher-education. In this post, we will delve deep and come out with some of the high-paying jobs you won’t … Continue reading “20 High-Paying Jobs You Won’t Need a Degree for”

Landing A High-Flying Job In Aviation

Aviation is still one of the most high-paying industries in the world. But what does it take in order to be qualified for a job in this industry? Here are the aviation careers with the highest salary and some advice on how to get your foot in the door.    1. Becoming a Pilot Many … Continue reading “Landing A High-Flying Job In Aviation”

12 Best Career Paths for Introverts

The belief that extroverts make the most successful professionals is long out-of-date. Introverted people have their unique abilities and strengths that make them just as valuable on the job market as extroverts. Sometimes it’s more important to get a job that fits our preferences and personality, not the one that pays best. If you have … Continue reading “12 Best Career Paths for Introverts”

Flight Attendant Salary & Benefits Explained

Flight attendant salary will vary based on the company that hires you. In almost all cases, it can be a very lucrative and exciting career. The flying benefits are one of the most appealing perks of being a flight attendant. Read below for more details about flight attendant’s salary & benefits. Yearly Pay Increases A … Continue reading “Flight Attendant Salary & Benefits Explained”

The 10 Highest Paid Jobs of 2017

Take a stroll down memory lane; you will remember the difficulties you have faced when seeking your first job. Regardless of where you are today and what your designation is, you  had faced multiple issues when you were seeking your first job. Over a billion people are living their ordinary lives, when it comes to … Continue reading “The 10 Highest Paid Jobs of 2017”

What It Takes To Start A Successful Career As A Commercial Pilot

There are many Hollywood films that have glamorized airline pilots as brave, smart and heroes of the skies. But, in reality, it’s a lot tougher than it looks on screen to be all those things. Being a commercial pilot puts a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, and for someone who’s looking to change career, … Continue reading “What It Takes To Start A Successful Career As A Commercial Pilot”

6 Fantastic Career Fields for The Selective Student

It is important to choose a career field that will be in high demand for the foreseeable future, providing you with job security and satisfaction. The selective student considers their strengths and weaknesses, and pursues a career path that they will be passionate about. ​Adults spend a considerable amount of time in the workplace, so … Continue reading “6 Fantastic Career Fields for The Selective Student”

6 Questions to Ask Before You Plan A Career As a Flight Attendant

Becoming a Flight Attendant can be a great career move for the right person. It is a dynamic, rewarding career, but before you undergo flight attendant training, here are some questions to ask yourself to make sure this is the right profession for you.  1. Do I fulfill the airlines’ qualifications?  Airlines don’t just make … Continue reading “6 Questions to Ask Before You Plan A Career As a Flight Attendant”