3 Careers Not At the Risk of Automation

In the future, industrial automation will continue to decrease the need for human workers in the developed world. Jobs like trucking are slowly being transferred to self-driving trucks, as businesses can save a good deal of money on labor over the long term. Even white-collar careers such as the paralegal and clerical fields are highly … Continue reading “3 Careers Not At the Risk of Automation”

6 Reasons You Should Consider a Career in Construction

The construction sector is an industry not many people tend to think about when it comes to deciding a career path.  And it is understandable to see why. The visual of wearing hard hats and high with jackets whilst covered in dust can be extremely off putting.   But this notion clearly demonstrates just how … Continue reading “6 Reasons You Should Consider a Career in Construction”

The Most In Demand Careers For 2017

New years bring new beginnings, and for some it’s an opportune time to change careers. 2017 could be the best year for your career change as 92% of employers are intending to maintain their employment rates or increase them. A study by Hired, a website that matches potential employees to their most suitable jobs, found … Continue reading “The Most In Demand Careers For 2017”