Here Are 4 Career Choices For Freelancers!

This great new thing called freelancing can be a life changer for many people. If one wants, they can become a full-time freelancer and simply do that for a living. Otherwise, freelancing could be a great way to supplement an income. However, just like any other job, it is important to freelance in the right … Continue reading “Here Are 4 Career Choices For Freelancers!”

Photo Opportunities : Starting Your Photography Career

Photo Credit- If you have decided to take a path in a creative sector, there are many options out there for you. The work of a photographer can be demanding, complex and extremely rewarding. Like many creative careers, there is no one way to getting into work as a photographer. It comes down to … Continue reading “Photo Opportunities : Starting Your Photography Career”

Careers In Photography That Don’t Involve Starting A Business

For photographers, there’s always one burning question at the forefront of their minds: how to make money? Most people who want to get into the industry think that they have to set up their own company, do all their own marketing, and generally go through all the hassle of starting up. But it turns out … Continue reading “Careers In Photography That Don’t Involve Starting A Business”

Turn Your Passion for Photography into a Profession

Do you love taking pictures? Maybe you’re one of those people who absolutely adore taking selfies and photos of your food. What does it mean? Well aside from a high dose of vanity -kidding- it could mean you’re destined to become a photographer. We know what you’re thinking: “I just take them for fun.” That’s … Continue reading “Turn Your Passion for Photography into a Profession”