The Growing Need for Nursing Educators

Nursing educators are an important part of the healthcare industry, because they provide the training and education to the next generation of nurses. Currently, there is a shortage of nurses as well as a high demand for nursing professionals, so the job outlook for nurse educators is high.  There are several reasons why there is … Continue reading “The Growing Need for Nursing Educators”

A New Approach to Diversifying the Workforce

It is seemingly common knowledge that diversity in the workforce vastly misrepresents the demographics of the United States population. Over the past few years news headlines have pointed out the deficits in representation of minorities in certain industries, such as the white-male dominated tech sector. What is less known, and certainly does not make headlines … Continue reading “A New Approach to Diversifying the Workforce”

Should You Consider Moving Out Of State To Find A Job?

Many of us will come to a point in our lives where it’s time for a new career. Whether you hate your current job and are in need of a change, you just graduated and are ready to utilize your new degree, or you are just looking to start 2017 with a new career, one … Continue reading “Should You Consider Moving Out Of State To Find A Job?”