12 Top Technology Leaders Of 2017!

The rapid technological advancements in the past two decades has astonished everyone. Though the beginning of this millennium was predicted to bring with it the most fast-paced lifestyle; we never imagined such an exponential growth in this field. Today, technology is indeed leading our lives in every aspect. Whether it is the education sector, business, … Continue reading “12 Top Technology Leaders Of 2017!”

Why Should You Consider A Career as A Content Marketer

Since you’re reading this post, maybe you’re a journalist who dreams of becoming one of those who works in a big city such as Seattle or a college town like Athens, Georgia. Perhaps you’re a copywriter working in an article writing services agency, communicating through snail mail who wants to work in a more fast-paced … Continue reading “Why Should You Consider A Career as A Content Marketer”

How To Create Portfolio Of A Freelance Writer

Professional freelance writing starts with creating an effective portfolio. New writers rely only on their communication skill. They believe this skill will help them establish contacts with customers and to get some orders. They have nothing to show their clients, so basically they offer a pig in a poke. Professionals act differently. They already have … Continue reading “How To Create Portfolio Of A Freelance Writer”