How to Make Money as a Writer in 2018?

Would you like to venture into the freelance writing world? Are you uncertain about how to go about it? After you read this, you will be reassured that the words “starving” and “writer” need not be intertwined like white on rice. Writers can make a decent hourly rate, and the average annual salary of writers … Continue reading “How to Make Money as a Writer in 2018?”

Best Career Options for Graduate Students

Every student has been in this situation, you are nearing the end of your time studying, you have had an amazing experience and have grown as a person, as well as grown an understanding of a range of different topics. Even with all this positive energy and optimism, when you think about life after studying, … Continue reading “Best Career Options for Graduate Students”

6 Career Paths For Those who Love Writing

We live in the information age and technology has revolutionized our lives in unprecedented ways providing many exciting opportunities for anyone to pursue. One of the places where you can make an extra buck is writing. In the writing industry, there are new careers that have come up like blogging and the old ones like … Continue reading “6 Career Paths For Those who Love Writing”

5 Insider Tips to Make You a Better Copywriter

If there is one thing every writer knows with conviction, it’s that there is always room for improvement. While certain genres of writing, like fiction, can allow a writer some leeway when it comes to structuring, there is one writing domain that isn’t as forbearing; copywriting. ​The art of copywriting isn’t something that can be … Continue reading “5 Insider Tips to Make You a Better Copywriter”

3 Simple Steps To Writing Better Copy

We all know the ingredients of great copy: tight sentences that effectively deliver compelling messages. Add in the creativity that sets your clients apart from their competitors and the reassurance that every choice is backed by data and thorough research and your copy really will make a meaningful impact on helping your clients to grow … Continue reading “3 Simple Steps To Writing Better Copy”

5 Ways Copywriting Reveals the Secrets of Great Leadership

Copywriting may not be the first place you think to look for leadership skills, but those who do will find themselves a step ahead. I’m sure you already know the value copywriting can bring to your business. My fellow copywriters will be glad for your appreciation of their tightly-worded craft. But a copywriter can offer … Continue reading “5 Ways Copywriting Reveals the Secrets of Great Leadership”