Skilled Trades in 2018: What’s Trending Now?

Each New Year brings new evaluations of life direction and purpose, and with this question comes the issue of careers to the forefront. Too many of us go to college, graduate with a degree in something we care passionately about, and are left out in the cold as we watch friends and loved ones ascend … Continue reading “Skilled Trades in 2018: What’s Trending Now?”

Workplace Designs for Millennials & Baby Boomers, Alike

The ongoing debate of how different, yet remarkably alike, millennials and baby boomers are continues to intrigue everyone. What can folks in their fifties and sixties possibly have in common with twenty-somethings? There is common ground to be found between the two generations in many ways, such as caring about community, wanting to be respected, … Continue reading “Workplace Designs for Millennials & Baby Boomers, Alike”

How to Let Your Smartphone Make You Better at Work

Yesterday, I sat on the couch and listened to my friend get frustrated that his PlayStation controller wasn’t charging consistently. After ten minutes of frustration, he picked up his phone, did a quick Amazon search, and ordered a new charging cable that would be delivered the next day. Today, I used an app to update … Continue reading “How to Let Your Smartphone Make You Better at Work”

Will Flexible Work and Education Help Restore Rural America?

Rural communities have long been facing the twin problems of ‘brain-drain’ and lack of economic innovation and consistent stimulus. If residents of small towns aren’t given the opportunity to study and prepare for a career in engineering, healthcare, or social work, how are they supposed to pursue such careers? Luckily, prospects have new-found potential to … Continue reading “Will Flexible Work and Education Help Restore Rural America?”

Freelance Writing for Nonconformists

Have you ever felt as if people write about the same subjects from the same perspective, all the time? Are you interested in getting some experience in the online marketing world, writing-wise, but unsure of where to begin? Aside from writing unique, alluring content for online audiences, how can you break into a new niche … Continue reading “Freelance Writing for Nonconformists”