How To Give Yourself A Leg Up Over The Competition?

In today’s world everyone and their dog is looking for a job. Every industry has become a competitive career path so it can be hard to get ahead when applying for any job. You might be looking because you’re out of work, or because you’re looking for a career change. It might be the same … Continue reading “How To Give Yourself A Leg Up Over The Competition?”

How to Dress For a Job Interview

Now that you’ve tossed the graduation cap into the air and the diplomas have been collected, it’s time to face the job hunt. After all the preparation you’ve put in (searching for open positions, and updating your resume), the last step is figuring out the best way to present yourself to a potential employer. Job … Continue reading “How to Dress For a Job Interview”

Taking Care of Your Appearance Might Get You That Promotion

As much as we might hate to admit it we all make split-second decisions about people based on how they look. It’s not nice and it might not be right, but it’s a part of our brains sub-conscious that helps us to easily decide if someone is part of our tribe and whether we should … Continue reading “Taking Care of Your Appearance Might Get You That Promotion”

Self Grooming and Learning Is Important To Career Development

Do you look forward to having a successful career? Everyone does! For that, you need to constantly strive for career development. Career development is a continuing process of managing the life, learning new skills, self-grooming and increasing the knowledge. If you want to achieve lifetime career success, you should nurture the attitude of appreciation in … Continue reading “Self Grooming and Learning Is Important To Career Development”

Are You Doing Enough To Land That Dream Role Find Out Here?

A rewarding career is an aspiration shared by millions, but landing that dream job isn’t easy. In today’s climate, many people are happy to have any job. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on your perfect role. The competition for vacancies is fierce than ever. Whether you’re a graduate or someone looking for … Continue reading “Are You Doing Enough To Land That Dream Role Find Out Here?”

Dressing For Success : A Simple Guide For Freelancers

As a freelancer, you have a little more flexibility when it comes to your workplace dress code than the average office. However, with more choice comes a lot of headaches – and there will be times when you wish you had the strict rules of businesses like legal firms and accountants in place. On the … Continue reading “Dressing For Success : A Simple Guide For Freelancers”

Cracking the Office Dress Code

Your appearance says volumes about who you are. Research has shown how crucial the first 10 seconds to a minute of your initial introduction are in a social setting. 90% of people form their opinion about you within this brief time. Passing the initial test with a positive appearance and attractive nonverbal cues are likable … Continue reading “Cracking the Office Dress Code”