Finding a Workplace That Respects Your Work-Life Balance

We all know the signs of a toxic relationship — many of us have had friends who’ve dealt with a controlling, obsessive, or insensitive partner. However, it’s also important to acknowledge the signs of a toxic work environment, as the consequences of staying in one can be as impactful as your friend’s toxic romantic relationship. … Continue reading “Finding a Workplace That Respects Your Work-Life Balance”

Understanding Importance of Employee Motivation

The motivation of staff continues to be one of the most complex management functions. This is because managing people within the process of achieving the set business goals, while maintaining satisfaction, a good working relationship and contented employees is, as you know, a difficult matter. You can do this in various ways, but you need … Continue reading “Understanding Importance of Employee Motivation”

6 Tips to Keep Your Team Motivated

The difference between a great team and a mediocre team often comes down to motivation. A great team can achieve great things despite the obstacles thrown in their way, whereas a poor team will more often that not fail, even when everything seems set up for success. Clearly, a motivated team can be the difference … Continue reading “6 Tips to Keep Your Team Motivated”

6 Things to Avoid to Keep Your Employees Happy At Work

Everyone wants to enjoy their time at work, especially considering it takes up, on average, a massive 92,120 hours of our life.   Creating a positive environment to work in, and in turn keeping your employees happy can be tough. As a business owner and leader, you’ve got a lot on your mind, like how … Continue reading “6 Things to Avoid to Keep Your Employees Happy At Work”

5 Tips to Motivate Your Business to New Heights

When you work within a company, team work is usually the main factor that contributes to getting work done and with a team that is lacking energy and motivation you are not going to get much done. There are many mistakes we all make without realising that can have a knock on effect and produce … Continue reading “5 Tips to Motivate Your Business to New Heights”

A Review on Lack of Engagement in the Workplace

In 2015, only 32 percent of employees were engaged at work meaning they were happy with their employment. Millennials were the least engaged at work and the most likely to be actively looking for employment elsewhere. American businesses spend between $450-$550 billion annually on actively disengaged employees. There are several causes for disengagement in the … Continue reading “A Review on Lack of Engagement in the Workplace”

How to Improve Job Satisfaction and Increase Employee Engagement

You must know that job satisfaction is highly critical to motivation, low employee turnover, and motivation. All employees feel that they are constantly facing challenges to secure their jobs for a long period of time. Therefore, it becomes really challenging for employees to increase employee engagement and job satisfaction. According to a survey conducted by … Continue reading “How to Improve Job Satisfaction and Increase Employee Engagement”

Effective Ways to Motivate Your Team

If you want to develop or grow any business, you would need a motivated team. Teams are going to do most of the hard work that requires to take your business to that level of success that you always dreamt of. It is important to give your team that energy, knowledge, skills and motivation which … Continue reading “Effective Ways to Motivate Your Team”