Landing A High-Flying Job In Aviation

Aviation is still one of the most high-paying industries in the world. But what does it take in order to be qualified for a job in this industry? Here are the aviation careers with the highest salary and some advice on how to get your foot in the door.    1. Becoming a Pilot Many … Continue reading “Landing A High-Flying Job In Aviation”

Will Your Career Become Obsolete?

Analysts at some of the world’s most prominent think tanks are forecasting massive disruptions in the global job markets within the next several decades. They anticipate that technological advances will render 47 percent of the world’s current jobs obsolete. What Sorts of Jobs Are in Danger of Becoming Obsolete Soon? These experts inform us that even the … Continue reading “Will Your Career Become Obsolete?”

How To Decide If Civil Engineering Is For You?

Civil engineering is an exciting job, and there will always be demand for civil engineers, but is this the right job for you? If you are a strategic and creative thinker, this may be the perfect career path. However, there are a number of different factors you need to take into account before you embark … Continue reading “How To Decide If Civil Engineering Is For You?”

Exploring Graduate Careers in Construction: Architect or Civil Engineer

If you have a keen interest in seeing how buildings are made or you like to admire some of the most famous buildings that this world has to offer (like St Peter’s Basilica and the Burj Khalifa), then you’re likely to be interested in the construction sector. And if you’re also fortunate to be able … Continue reading “Exploring Graduate Careers in Construction: Architect or Civil Engineer”

Civil Engineering: Jack Of All Trades of Engineering Disciplines

Civil engineer is termed as that branch of engineering discipline in which the employee has to perform designing, execution, building, constructing and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment which also includes roads, dams, bridges, canals, pipelines and railways. It is one of the oldest forms of engineering disciplines in the world after the … Continue reading “Civil Engineering: Jack Of All Trades of Engineering Disciplines”

10 Fastest Growing Jobs By 2020

The world has transitioned faster than our imagination after the advent of the internet. The demographic changes and the technological advancements combined have given rise to unemployment. It is said that by the end of 2020, there will be a net loss of about 5 million jobs. According to our report, more than 7 million … Continue reading “10 Fastest Growing Jobs By 2020”

6 Jobs That Will Be In Demand In 2020!

Rapid advancements in technology can be both scary and exhilarating. For the job market, however, the changes are quite frequent. Those wanting to search for jobs in the near future may find the landscape very different from what they expected. Of course, the main reason behind the shifting job landscape is automation. Computer programs are … Continue reading “6 Jobs That Will Be In Demand In 2020!”

Engineers as Leaders: Is This the Time to Embrace Future Engineers?

Not too long ago, we discussed the things that make someone an impressive business leader. There are a few definite requirements that help separate good leaders from the impressive ones. With the market being as competitive as it is today, acquiring great leaders to help set the course of the company can be the defining … Continue reading “Engineers as Leaders: Is This the Time to Embrace Future Engineers?”