An Objective Look Into Working With A Startup!

Nowadays, we see many startups falling apart. However, this doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t work with a startup at all. In fact, startups could give employees some really valuable skills, experience, and tips on how to succeed in their field. Even if a startup fails, an employee can walk with some valuable knowledge and skills. … Continue reading “An Objective Look Into Working With A Startup!”

Health and Fitness for Freelancers

Freelance writers are notorious for hunkering down at their computers for hours at a time, often forgetting to take time to do “healthy stuff” during the day. Working from home is a rather sedentary lifestyle, so it takes effort to stay fit. A lot of attention is given to people working 9-to-5 jobs and the … Continue reading “Health and Fitness for Freelancers”

How to Get Into An Ivy League School and Help Your Career

Getting into an Ivy League school is both rewarding and very demanding at the same time. Having great test scores in high school won’t be enough to get you through the doors of one of the finest schools in the country. You will have to work hard on other aspects of your education, develop yourself … Continue reading “How to Get Into An Ivy League School and Help Your Career”

Tips for Successful Telephone Interviews

Telephone interviews are very common these days . Whether be it in the small industries, to the big hounds of the World, everywhere there are interviews going on through the phone. Sounds confusing but it is true. Now several interviews are going through voice calls, telephone, etc. Telephone interviews are both advantageous to the interviewer … Continue reading “Tips for Successful Telephone Interviews”

Get More Productive Using Sound

Having high levels of productivity are important when you are trying to reach goals at work, as well as staying focused on those goals. Sound can directly affect your levels of productivity – both positively and negatively. Yet, if you can find the right types of sound, you will be able to tap into your … Continue reading “Get More Productive Using Sound”

How to Prepare and Crack a Digital Marketing Interview

Woohoo! Yes! You fist pump in celebration that you have finally received the call to go in and interview for a Digital Marketing job that you have been eyeing. After the excitement has faded, you realize that you haven’t yet landed the job. You are confident about your skills and experience, but you are now … Continue reading “How to Prepare and Crack a Digital Marketing Interview”

1 Billion Extra People Noticing Your LinkedIn Profile

  In Stanley Kubrick’s cult classic 2001: A Space Odyssey, humans leapt forward from cave-dwelling apes eating shrubs for survival to space dwellers exploring the moon and Jupiter for a living. The impetus? The arrival of a mysterious new monolith. Recently, the monolith known as Microsoft purchased LinkedIn. The deal, which won’t be final until … Continue reading “1 Billion Extra People Noticing Your LinkedIn Profile”

19 Science-Backed Productivity Hacks

Usually, we’re most productive in the morning. We get to the office, answer emails, and put finishing touches on projects from the day before. But as the day goes on, our motivation starts to fade. According to researchers, it’s natural to be most productive in the morning because people’s willpower decreases as their energy drops. … Continue reading “19 Science-Backed Productivity Hacks”

Advancing Your Career Fast Couldn’t Be Easier

Most of us are keen to get ahead in life, no matter what it takes. Regardless of the nature of your job, if it is your chosen and desired field, then you probably want to advance. Doing so, of course, is easier said than done. But that doesn’t mean that it is impossible. The truth … Continue reading “Advancing Your Career Fast Couldn’t Be Easier”

Monthly Roundup | May 2016 | Productivity

Here are the Top 3 of the Most liked,shared and commented posts on Productivity, for the month of May 2016. 1. Your Brain Has a Delete Button — Here’s How to Use It You probably have learnt about neural connections that become stronger as one practices or repeats a skill over and over again. In … Continue reading “Monthly Roundup | May 2016 | Productivity”