10 Trending Careers in Accounting

Choosing a degree or career can be difficult. Some days it may seem that you are doomed to answer “I don’t know” every time a family members asks “what do you want to be when you grow up?” for the rest of your life. On other days you may feel that your career path is … Continue reading “10 Trending Careers in Accounting”

Your Complete Guide to Cracking the CFA Exam

The next Level I CFA Exam, or Chartered Financial Analyst exam, is coming up on December 2. Candidates for Level I exams spend an average of 287 hours studying all 10 topics covered in the test, meaning now is the time to study. To help get you started, here’s a complete guide to cracking the … Continue reading “Your Complete Guide to Cracking the CFA Exam”

Making the Most of Your Career in Finance

Are you feeling stagnant in your current position? Are you looking for ways to take your finance career to the next level? The time has never been better. Millennials and their younger counterparts are poised to flood the professional sector, meaning employment opportunities will become more competitive. In order to gain a competitive edge, it’s … Continue reading “Making the Most of Your Career in Finance”

5 Careers You Can Get With a Master’s in Financial Economics

A Master’s in financial economics is a degree fit for some of the fastest growing careers. The program prepares students for jobs in finance, banking and asset management. Graduates are skilled in various areas of economics, such as investment banking, economic forecasting, financial markets and financial management. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment … Continue reading “5 Careers You Can Get With a Master’s in Financial Economics”