10 Reasons to Choose a Freelance Writer Career

The technology-enabled job market currently offers a diversity of offline and online job opportunities, making it challenging decide between the various attractive options available. However, when you understand your true aspirations and passions, you will be much better placed to pick the job that you are cut out for. One profession that is growing in … Continue reading “10 Reasons to Choose a Freelance Writer Career”

Here Are 4 Career Choices For Freelancers!

This great new thing called freelancing can be a life changer for many people. If one wants, they can become a full-time freelancer and simply do that for a living. Otherwise, freelancing could be a great way to supplement an income. However, just like any other job, it is important to freelance in the right … Continue reading “Here Are 4 Career Choices For Freelancers!”

5 Places to Get a Job after Graduation

“Just get through high school and your college life will be a bed of roses!” they said. “Just get through the final semester, find a job, and live the rest of your life happily!” they said. And here you are – a graduate looking for a job. What “they” don’t understand or fail to emphasize … Continue reading “5 Places to Get a Job after Graduation”

Work-From-Home Jobs for Those Who Love Their Freedom

There are plenty of reasons to choose telecommuting or work-from-home jobs over traditional jobs that limit you to an office cubicle in a rigid time window. If you’ve just had a baby, a work-from-home job can let you pursue your professional ambitions along with enjoying parenthood. Even if you aren’t having a baby yet, a … Continue reading “Work-From-Home Jobs for Those Who Love Their Freedom”

5 Reasons To Become A Freelance Content Writer

One of the most favorable aspects of being a writer is that you can write about ANYTHING you want, you don’t need to suppress the urge to speak up and to reach the world, touch people’s lives and get yourself heard. Your words are your voice. People die but words, they live traveling from ear … Continue reading “5 Reasons To Become A Freelance Content Writer”

Freelance Writing for Nonconformists

Have you ever felt as if people write about the same subjects from the same perspective, all the time? Are you interested in getting some experience in the online marketing world, writing-wise, but unsure of where to begin? Aside from writing unique, alluring content for online audiences, how can you break into a new niche … Continue reading “Freelance Writing for Nonconformists”

5 Productivity Tools for Writers

Staring at a blank page, crossing out one sentence after another because none of them seems to fit. You sit there, paralyzed, aware that the clock is ticking and that you have a tight deadline to meet, fearing that you have been bitten by the Blank Page bug. The good news is that, while there … Continue reading “5 Productivity Tools for Writers”

Health and Fitness for Freelancers

Freelance writers are notorious for hunkering down at their computers for hours at a time, often forgetting to take time to do “healthy stuff” during the day. Working from home is a rather sedentary lifestyle, so it takes effort to stay fit. A lot of attention is given to people working 9-to-5 jobs and the … Continue reading “Health and Fitness for Freelancers”

5 Main Reasons to Quit Your Job and Start Working On Your Own

Quit your job. Chase your passion. Follow your dreams. Live your life to the fullest extent. These apparent cliché pieces of the suggestions are repeated again and again whenever you go through any inspirational websites or motivational blog, right? Have you ever imagined why is this so? Well, it is because all these words mean … Continue reading “5 Main Reasons to Quit Your Job and Start Working On Your Own”

11 Habits of Prosperous Writers

Take a deep breath and sit down. I have bad news for you. Writer’s block and inspiration do not exist. They are fiction. So sweet fiction that everyone who decided to become a writer but didn’t succeed fast sincerely believes in it. If you are one of those, my message is for you: do not … Continue reading “11 Habits of Prosperous Writers”