Why SMART Goals are Important to Project Success

An important factor in taking your career to the next level is goal-setting, because objectives will keep you focused on important tasks and motivate you to strive for excellence. Goals will also improve your project’s success by setting smaller daily tasks to accomplish a larger objective. By writing your goals down and sharing them with … Continue reading “Why SMART Goals are Important to Project Success”

Values Driven Goals Design

Many of us have engaged typical goal design; we think about a desire or state of being in the future, and then create goals to get ourselves to that place. But, how many people have designed a goal in this typical way, completed the goal and then realized that it felt empty, meaningless and was … Continue reading “Values Driven Goals Design”

It Takes 10000 Hours to Become a Master – Have You Done Yours?

We all think we know about those instant success stories. People who wake up with one brilliant idea that not only changes the world in impressive ways but makes them billionaires overnight. It’s hard to believe… and maybe we shouldn’t believe it at all. When we hear one of those stories, it’s more likely that … Continue reading “It Takes 10000 Hours to Become a Master – Have You Done Yours?”

5 Mistakes People Make About New Years Resolutions

The beginning of a new year gives us such a tremendous opportunity to draw a line and start fresh. Most people take this opportunity and evaluate their performance, how successful they are, if they improved, how happy they are with themselves and life in general. Because accomplishing your New Year resolution depend a lot on … Continue reading “5 Mistakes People Make About New Years Resolutions”

5 New Year’s Resolutions to Further Your Career

Making changes in your life to improve yourself and your career can happen at any time; they should also happen at any time you notice yourself going off track. If you are not given to self-reflection, the advent of the new year is a good time to remember to do it. Reflection at year’s end … Continue reading “5 New Year’s Resolutions to Further Your Career”

On Setting Goals for Career Advancement

Once you have entered the professional world within any industry it is only natural that you want to advance in your career. For some this means taking a whole new direction within their chosen field and for others career advancement is all about becoming expert at what it is you already do. Many colleges around … Continue reading “On Setting Goals for Career Advancement”