6 Health Benefits of Standing Desks

Standing desks refers to the work desks that allow you to work while standing at your ‘desk job’ rather than sitting at it. Last few years have seen multiple debates on whether standing is a better option when it comes to working in an office or is it sitting that produces better results for an … Continue reading “6 Health Benefits of Standing Desks”

A Look Into Career in Social Work

Taking a career decision is not an easy task  when you have to choose between many options available to you; especially when you are in the early phase of your career when high paying jobs seems lucrative. If you are a person who would like to earn by helping others or making  some impact in … Continue reading “A Look Into Career in Social Work”

5 Tips for New Freelancers When Working With Small Business

I started my online wine club, called Uncorked Ventures about (amazingly) 9 years ago.  Over the years, I’ve hired freelancers for any number of jobs. Many of my experiences with freelancers have been positive.  A few of them though were frustrating because I felt like the freelancer didn’t have realistic expectations for my small business. … Continue reading “5 Tips for New Freelancers When Working With Small Business”

5 Signs You’re Working Too Hard (And How to Fix It)

We all have dreams, goals, and professional aspirations. It’s normal to want to advance our careers and get ahead. But sometimes the more ambitious we are, the more we neglect other important aspects of our lives. It’s one thing to put off scheduling a spa appointment because you’re too busy at the office. It’s quite … Continue reading “5 Signs You’re Working Too Hard (And How to Fix It)”

28 Habits That Block Your Happiness

We wonder, we kill our own happiness and then blame fate for each and everything. Attaining happiness is no rocket science. You too can achieve it by bringing positive changes in your life. All you need is to tilt your way of seeing things. Life is a beautiful gift of Divine; there is no sanity … Continue reading “28 Habits That Block Your Happiness”

How to Pick up New Career Skills with Ease?

Learning new skills in the workplace, or completely making a shift in your career can be a daunting task to take on all at once. You may have the tools, training, books, and resources to completely master a skill, but it is easier said than done. The common statement that humans only use 10% of … Continue reading “How to Pick up New Career Skills with Ease?”

12 Things You Should Never Ever Tell Your Boss

Strict, demanding, ruthless – these are the stereotypical images that flash in everyone’s mind when they think of the word, “boss.” But in today’s setting, especially in workplaces that adapt the “work-play” culture, some bosses choose to cut his/her subordinates some slack and be a little casual. However, that’s not a valid excuse for crossing … Continue reading “12 Things You Should Never Ever Tell Your Boss”

Not Offering These Benefits May Cause You To Lose Top Talent

While you put a lot of energy into finding the ideal candidate for an open position, you might be missing something even more important: retaining and attracting top talent through the benefits that you offer. Just like you’re interviewing qualified candidates to see if they’re a good fit for your company, they are also interviewing … Continue reading “Not Offering These Benefits May Cause You To Lose Top Talent”