7 Applicant Tracking System Benefits You Need to Cash in On

Hiring professionals use a lot of data on a day-to-day basis. If you don’t have a system for managing information, your hiring efforts could be in trouble. To make the recruitment process easier, consider using an applicant tracking system (ATS). An ATS is a software solution that helps you source and screen candidates. From posting … Continue reading “7 Applicant Tracking System Benefits You Need to Cash in On”

How to Become an Accountant – The Ultimate Guide

Accountancy has always been a popular career choice and it’s not hard to see why – the financial world is a constantly changing and thus the challenges and opportunities presented to accountants constantly change too. But how do you become an accountant and what progress can you expect your career to make? Why Become an … Continue reading “How to Become an Accountant – The Ultimate Guide”

Success Tip : Perform Each Task as If It Were Worth a Million Dollars

The meaning of success may be different to everyone, but the principles for achieving it are always the same. Whether you ask an accomplished mom, an acknowledged entrepreneur, or a rocket scientist, their stories of failure and triumph will in their essence be identical. Discover your talents, they’ll say. Follow your dream, focus on your … Continue reading “Success Tip : Perform Each Task as If It Were Worth a Million Dollars”

5 Communication Skills That Will Aid Your Job Search

The job application process may seem rather straightforward. First, you send your resume and cover letter, then, you succeed in the interview, and finally, you get the job. But in today’s ultra-competitive job market, a job search is a very tiresome and a stressful process, and very often your efforts are not repaid properly and … Continue reading “5 Communication Skills That Will Aid Your Job Search”

What Makes An Impressive Business Leader?

Anyone can become a good leader, but to truly be an impressive leader is a feat that only few can accomplish. There is a great importance on leadership in any organization, especially when a business is concerned, because leadership is the catalyst for achieving a business’ maximum efficiency, capacity, and potential. Organizational goals can only … Continue reading “What Makes An Impressive Business Leader?”

What Happens When You Have a Ridiculous Goal?

I had a very bold audacious goal early in my career.   I wanted to be the VP Marketing before I was 40 years old.    You may not think this was bold, for today there many CEO’s and executives much younger, but a few very short years ago, working for a monopoly telephone company … Continue reading “What Happens When You Have a Ridiculous Goal?”

7 Videoconferencing Etiquette for Effective Meetings

It takes a while to establish the proper etiquette for any new communications technology. The inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, originally believed people should answer the phone by saying “Ahoy-hoy.” That didn’t take, obviously, but it took some time and practice until answering the phone with “hello” became standard. It’s the same today … Continue reading “7 Videoconferencing Etiquette for Effective Meetings”

7 Different Jobs in the Fashion Industry

Clothing is a necessity of life and fashion adds style in it. It’s a billion-dollar industry now all over the world. But people still think that it’s something to do with glamorous women, clothes, and parties. Fashion media industry is booming and yielding a good profit for the people associated with it. Since the past … Continue reading “7 Different Jobs in the Fashion Industry”

How to Make an Attention-Grabbing Resume?

Job searchers must come to grip with a simple fact. Potential employers receive a lot of resumes. The sheer volume of responses to a posted job advertisement could shock a lot of employment hunters. Stacks upon stacks of resumes land on the desk of the person tasked with screening them. Sad to say, a number … Continue reading “How to Make an Attention-Grabbing Resume?”

Top 10 Tips that Fuels Employee Productivity

For your business to develop, it requires both customers and employees; there is no shortcut towards that. Most of the time, people tend on concentrating on the customer side and forget the importance of their employees. This has lead to businesses falling apart or even closing down. The production of your employees solely depends on … Continue reading “Top 10 Tips that Fuels Employee Productivity”