Health and Fitness for Freelancers

Freelance writers are notorious for hunkering down at their computers for hours at a time, often forgetting to take time to do “healthy stuff” during the day. Working from home is a rather sedentary lifestyle, so it takes effort to stay fit. A lot of attention is given to people working 9-to-5 jobs and the … Continue reading “Health and Fitness for Freelancers”

Creating a Learning Culture Is Fundamental To Nurturing Your Start-up

There is a maxim that is popular in learning circles, ‘Continuous improvement requires a commitment to learning.’ This maxim sounds instinctively accurate. Right? Any organization is only as good as its people and this makes it a compelling reason not just for startups but also for established business/organizations to create a learning culture.  But what … Continue reading “Creating a Learning Culture Is Fundamental To Nurturing Your Start-up”

Is Telecommuting the New Work Trend?

Our works are constantly changing – not only are new job descriptions constantly popping up and replacing old jobs, the way we work is changing and transforming our societies and lives. When it comes to these changing work trends, telecommuting is clearly at the centre of it all. What is telecommuting?  Telecommuting is sometimes referred … Continue reading “Is Telecommuting the New Work Trend?”

5 Ways to Boost Your Productivity in the Workplace

For companies, employee productivity should be a priority all year round. We usually hear about one-time strategies that employers implement during the holiday season to keep employees motivated but in reality, the idea is not good enough to prevent long-term seasonal distractions. Be it customer satisfaction, handling large business endowments or driving key company metrics, … Continue reading “5 Ways to Boost Your Productivity in the Workplace”

Can a Bad Diet Really Affect Your Productivity?

We’ve all heard the phrase, “you are what you eat.”  Some of us come to find there is an indisputable degree of truth to this saying. Unfortunately, we often come to find it out the hard way. Not only does a diet of poor nutritional value take a toll on our physical condition and appearance, … Continue reading “Can a Bad Diet Really Affect Your Productivity?”

6 Practical Reasons That Will Make You Write Every Day

“You must write every single day of your life. You must read dreadful dumb books and glorious books, and let them wrestle in beautiful fights inside your head, vulgar one moment, brilliant the next.” Ray Bradbury Writing in its essence is a means of communication, with yourself and with others. Millions of thoughts race through … Continue reading “6 Practical Reasons That Will Make You Write Every Day”

How to Keep up in a Dynamic Workplace

Unless you were lucky enough to land a job where your main responsibility is to hug baby sloths, you probably want to prolong days to 34 hours just to manage your assignments. Due to technological advancements and social changes, working has evolved in such a way that our jobs have become an indelible part of … Continue reading “How to Keep up in a Dynamic Workplace”

3 Reasons to Build a Diverse Workforce

Building a great workforce takes no small amount of skill on the part of the recruiter. You are looking for that perfect combination of preparedness and excitement for the position. And, of course, you are working to select that one person that amplifies the great qualities your team already has, while still contributing a new … Continue reading “3 Reasons to Build a Diverse Workforce”

Reasons Why Overtime Is Actually Harming Your Business

It makes sense when business owners crunch the numbers. If they’re making a certain amount of money when employees are working X hours per week they’ll bring in more depending on the total amount of extra hours someone works. Unfortunately in the real world your employees aren’t robots, so you can’t use mathematical calculations to … Continue reading “Reasons Why Overtime Is Actually Harming Your Business”

Summer 2016 Roundup | Productivity

The Monthly Roundup series was not published for the past few months, as I was busy getting the Podcast up and running. So I decided to do a Summer Roundup instead (for the months of June, July, August). Summer is a busy time for most people. Everyone is usually away travelling or involved in some … Continue reading “Summer 2016 Roundup | Productivity”