How to Know It’s Time to Quit?

Source: Pixabay At some point, many of us have likely daydreamed about quitting and walking out on the job: throwing our hands in the air and making a final exit in front of everyone. F or most of us with families, debt, and bills to pay, though, making a rash decision like that comes at … Continue reading “How to Know It’s Time to Quit?”

5 Signs You’re Working Too Hard (And How to Fix It)

We all have dreams, goals, and professional aspirations. It’s normal to want to advance our careers and get ahead. But sometimes the more ambitious we are, the more we neglect other important aspects of our lives. It’s one thing to put off scheduling a spa appointment because you’re too busy at the office. It’s quite … Continue reading “5 Signs You’re Working Too Hard (And How to Fix It)”

Balancing Your Side Hustle with Your 9-to-5 Job

Many people are focused on trying to pay off debts quickly, save more money and accomplish other financial goals. It can be challenging to meet all of your goals on your current salary, and because of this, side hustles are increasingly popular. Some people even find that they can make more money on the side … Continue reading “Balancing Your Side Hustle with Your 9-to-5 Job”

Employee Motivation Tactics that Work

Methods of motivation come in many shapes, forms, colors, creeds– perhaps not creeds, necessarily, but by the end of any motivational speech, ideally your team will be spirited enough that they’re prepared to enter into a group blood-pact to achieve it. Breach of HR conduct and safety aside, there’s nothing more fortified than a group … Continue reading “Employee Motivation Tactics that Work”

Growth in the Healthcare Industry Providing Nurses More Options

The new year has dawned and you are looking ahead to the future. What does your career in healthcare hold? What room is there for advancement or change? Let’s take a look at nursing and career options. As early as 2012, a nurse shortage was predicted. About 1 million new nurse positions will be open … Continue reading “Growth in the Healthcare Industry Providing Nurses More Options”

11 Ways to Improve Your Morning

If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed every morning, it might just be more than bad luck: You are just not a morning person. There’s nothing wrong with being a bit down when you hear your alarm go off – but you can’t let that mood stick around as you get … Continue reading “11 Ways to Improve Your Morning”