What the Richest & Smartest People Have on Their Desks

The style of a person’s workspace seems like a trivial thing. It’s where work gets done, where learning occurs, and where discoveries are made – so why would the workspace style hold any importance if the work is, for the most part, psychological? Studies show that a person’s environment may have a larger impact on … Continue reading “What the Richest & Smartest People Have on Their Desks”

7 Effective Ways to Personalize Your Home Office

The environment you work in has a big effect on your productivity levels, especially when you work from home. It can be tough to stay focused when you work and sleep in the same place, so you need to create a work area that feels separate from the rest of your home—ideally, its own room. ​Simple … Continue reading “7 Effective Ways to Personalize Your Home Office”

Top 7 Apps to Manage Your Home Office

The popularity of working from home has grown in recent years as technology has evolved to make this a more functional possibility for many workers. Many people now work from home at least a few days each week, and this includes employed individuals with major corporations, freelancers and others. Individuals who work from home love … Continue reading “Top 7 Apps to Manage Your Home Office”

5 Signs It’s Time For an Office

I love working from home. There’s joy in being able to stay in bed, wear whatever you want, watch TV and to do this all while making a day’s wage. It’s one of the early perks of working jobs in which you’re your own boss. In fact, I know people who have run successful businesses … Continue reading “5 Signs It’s Time For an Office”

10 Home Office Desk Organization Ideas You Need

One of the best ways to keep yourself focused on work at home or in the office is to organize your desk for a de-cluttered lifestyle. Although it may seem like a huge project to tackle right now, if you listen to our ideas for a home office, you’ll find it to be easier than … Continue reading “10 Home Office Desk Organization Ideas You Need”

What Makes an Home Office Truly Contemporary

Nowadays, home offices are not just a place to work but an extension of your personality and preferred style – just like the rest of your home. It doesn’t matter whether you place it in a separate room or use the space under your stairs, your home office should be set up in accordance with … Continue reading “What Makes an Home Office Truly Contemporary”

Top Careers that allow you to Work from Home

The benefits of working from home have been borne out by countless studies. Whether running a business, freelancing or telecommuting for a full-time employer, workers who are free of the commute and the distractions of the office are reported to be happier, healthier and more productive. Finding a work-from-position can be difficult, however. Where do … Continue reading “Top Careers that allow you to Work from Home”

The Benefits of Working from the Office

We live in a hyper-connected world. Technology enables us to work from anywhere. I am writing this article from my laptop from a public library. A friend of mine Rob is a programmer- he works for a Canadian Tech company but he lives & works in Thailand (Yes I am jealous… aren’t you?). With smartphones … Continue reading “The Benefits of Working from the Office”

12 Must-Haves for your Home Office

From attending business meetings in your pajamas to reducing your carbon footprint with a zero mile commute, there are many advantages of working from home. One of the sweetest perks is being able to deck out your home office in your own personal style. Whether you like to have all the latest tech gear or … Continue reading “12 Must-Haves for your Home Office”

7 Surprising Places You Can Put a Home Office

A home office may seem like a luxury reserved for those who live in sprawling abodes, but that’s simply not the case anymore. Pioneering designers and homeowners before you have put on their space-management hats and transformed the most surprising of areas into home offices. No need to make the guest room do double-duty anymore. … Continue reading “7 Surprising Places You Can Put a Home Office”