Myth Busted : Small Offices Can’t Have Team Activities

Building a cohesive team is important for every business. While the bigger corporations hold a team building exercise or corporate events regularly to give the employees a breather from the routine and foster communication, small businesses often overlook them on account of a low number of employees. If you have been believing this myth, you have … Continue reading “Myth Busted : Small Offices Can’t Have Team Activities”

Will Your Career Become Obsolete?

Analysts at some of the world’s most prominent think tanks are forecasting massive disruptions in the global job markets within the next several decades. They anticipate that technological advances will render 47 percent of the world’s current jobs obsolete. What Sorts of Jobs Are in Danger of Becoming Obsolete Soon? These experts inform us that even the … Continue reading “Will Your Career Become Obsolete?”

3 Challenges Faced when Managing Employees Globally

How do you command respect from someone you’ve never met, in a country you’ve never been to? The answer isn’t easy. Today’s leaders are faced with a new set of hurdles as globalization continues to gain momentum. Communicating with—let alone overseeing—employees overseas can seem impossible without the right tools in place. Let’s take a look at … Continue reading “3 Challenges Faced when Managing Employees Globally”

Not Offering These Benefits May Cause You To Lose Top Talent

While you put a lot of energy into finding the ideal candidate for an open position, you might be missing something even more important: retaining and attracting top talent through the benefits that you offer. Just like you’re interviewing qualified candidates to see if they’re a good fit for your company, they are also interviewing … Continue reading “Not Offering These Benefits May Cause You To Lose Top Talent”

Vacation is Cheap!

Between our contingency division and retained recruitment projects, Right Recruiting filled over 85 positions in 2017. That means I had over 85 conversations with companies and candidates about vacation policies. From what I’ve seen and read, I think employers are missing a prime opportunity to improve professional level employee performance and happiness. There is something … Continue reading “Vacation is Cheap!”

10 Most Effective Ways to Train New Employees

Hiring a new employee is cause for celebration. Congratulations! You’ve finally found the perfect person for the job. But before you breathe a sigh of relief and get back to business as usual, ask yourself: Do you have a plan in place to welcome and train your new hire? Busy companies often struggle to manage an … Continue reading “10 Most Effective Ways to Train New Employees”

#92 – A Day in the Life of Senior Technical Recruiter – Sydnee Henning

For Episode 92 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will learn about:  A Day in the Life of a SENIOR TECHNICAL RECRUITER from our guest Sydnee Henning. Guest Introduction – Sydnee Henning Sydnee Henning began her career as an IT professional. Before recruiting, she got her start in technical training, business analysis and project management. She moved into sales roles … Continue reading “#92 – A Day in the Life of Senior Technical Recruiter – Sydnee Henning”

Building a Career in the Event Industry – 11 Different Job Types

The Events Industry is an extremely competitive place but is full of fruitful opportunities that can elevate your lifestyle notably. It is the most creative space because there are opportunities for every skill; be it management, singing, hospitality or security. The attractive opportunities that it offers come with a price, i.e. high competition and lack … Continue reading “Building a Career in the Event Industry – 11 Different Job Types”