Your Guide To Employee Service Recognition

If your organization lacks a formal employee service recognition program, this might be the most opportune time to start one. A growing number of businesses understand that, while it’s always good to recognize an employee’s years of service, other key growth-related reasons justify creation of a formal, ongoing recognition program:   Creating a strong company … Continue reading “Your Guide To Employee Service Recognition”

How to Turn Your Workspace into a Desk Sanctuary?

With the new year comes a desire for a fresh start, and the most common ways people set out to achieve this is through a new fitness program or by giving up unhealthy foods. And while these are always great ideas, all too often we neglect to pay attention to some other aspects of our … Continue reading “How to Turn Your Workspace into a Desk Sanctuary?”

How to Brainstorm Brilliant Ideas?

Whether you live for coming up with innovative, new ideas, or feel intimidated by the brainstorming process, it’s always beneficial to improve your idea generation process. For many, the best ideas strike when we least expect them, which makes the brainstorming process incredibly challenging. Those that are able to come up with great ideas on … Continue reading “How to Brainstorm Brilliant Ideas?”

The FTSE 100 Boardroom Gender Gap

In 2011, an independent government review recommended that all UK FTSE 100 companies aim to have at least 25% of their board members be female by 2015. Three years on from that date, and with International Women’s Day just around the corner, serviced apartments provider SilverDoor have carried out research into the FTSE 100 to see just … Continue reading “The FTSE 100 Boardroom Gender Gap”

What are The Top Skills You Should Put on Your Resume?

Writing a good resume is not an easy task. Especially when you are actively looking for a job and need to create dozens of applications. As you probably already know, each of the resumes you send out should be specifically written for the position you are applying for. But how can you do that? The … Continue reading “What are The Top Skills You Should Put on Your Resume?”

10 Tips to Help You Hit Your Deadlines

Hitting deadlines is an essential skill for anyone, no matter what their career is or what level they are at. Every job has deadlines, whether it’s delivering a pizza while it’s still piping hot or submitting a pitch in time to win your firm a big new client, and the personal consequences for failing to … Continue reading “10 Tips to Help You Hit Your Deadlines”

How to Stop Your Mind from Wandering?

The brains of human beings are questing, curious things, and it’s only natural that our minds wander from time to time. Sticking to a task for an extended period of time isn’t something the neurons in our brains are good at doing, with recent studies showing that they can only function with their own energy for … Continue reading “How to Stop Your Mind from Wandering?”

The Importance of Presentation Skills in the Workplace

The importance of presentation skills and communication in the workplace can’t be overstated. As published in the Forbes article, New Survey: 70% Say Presentation Skills Are Critical For Career Success, people polled confirmed their belief that presentation skills are key to achieving career success. Unfortunately, knowing what is necessary is easier than actually doing it since … Continue reading “The Importance of Presentation Skills in the Workplace”