How to Activate a High Performing Workforce Through Employee Engagement?

A person you may have been friends with your whole life but still might not be able to tell even the smallest details about you; which might have happened because of the lack of emotional connect and absence of interest. Similarly, if your employees are not passionate about the goals of your business, he might … Continue reading “How to Activate a High Performing Workforce Through Employee Engagement?”

How to Get More Energy At Work?

We’ve all experienced that post-lunch dip. That feeling of wanting to curl up and nap in the middle of the day. But for most of us who are stuck at work all day, napping is not an option. So, we often turn to sugary energy drinks and sodas or buckets of coffee.   This may … Continue reading “How to Get More Energy At Work?”

How to Fix A Toxic Work Atmosphere and Save Your Career

It’s going to happen at least once in your career, and probably several times: there’s somebody at work whose bad attitude and worse communication skills is dragging down your performance, your morale, and the results of you and your team. The sooner you learn how to deal with such a situation, the sooner you can … Continue reading “How to Fix A Toxic Work Atmosphere and Save Your Career”

Top Tips to Staying Stress-Free in the Workplace

Work-related stress is one of the most common experiences amongst employees globally. We believe it’s important to understand the impact work-related stress has and how you can identify and the steps you can take to treat and/or manage symptoms. Mental health problems, according to Heath Shield on Personnel Today stated that £12.7 billion is spent … Continue reading “Top Tips to Staying Stress-Free in the Workplace”

What Makes An Impressive Business Leader?

Anyone can become a good leader, but to truly be an impressive leader is a feat that only few can accomplish. There is a great importance on leadership in any organization, especially when a business is concerned, because leadership is the catalyst for achieving a business’ maximum efficiency, capacity, and potential. Organizational goals can only … Continue reading “What Makes An Impressive Business Leader?”

7 Videoconferencing Etiquette for Effective Meetings

It takes a while to establish the proper etiquette for any new communications technology. The inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, originally believed people should answer the phone by saying “Ahoy-hoy.” That didn’t take, obviously, but it took some time and practice until answering the phone with “hello” became standard. It’s the same today … Continue reading “7 Videoconferencing Etiquette for Effective Meetings”

The Best Tools to Get Hired in Under 30 Days

When you’re between jobs, every day can feel like a year. No wonder. It’s a frustrating time during which you have to face rejection and failure almost daily. If only there was a way to speed things up. But alas, life sometimes allows for no shortcuts. Sometimes, you can only succeed through sheer determination and … Continue reading “The Best Tools to Get Hired in Under 30 Days”

The 3 Most Common Time Wasters at Work

Employees wasting time at work is a big concern to employers. According to a survey, 80.4% of people waste time at work! Employees spend time on non-work related activities like talking on the phone or texting, gossiping, browsing the web, and on social media. Also there are some in-office distractions like messy work environment, unproductive … Continue reading “The 3 Most Common Time Wasters at Work”

How to Stop These 16 Biases That Can Influence Your Hiring Decision?

When hiring new employees, you always want to look for the best of the best. However, this process takes time and a lot of effort, which you should never take for granted. This includes not letting biases influence your hiring decision. As a recruiter, you can be biased and not even know it. Therefore, you … Continue reading “How to Stop These 16 Biases That Can Influence Your Hiring Decision?”

What is Paralanguage?

Giving presentations – there’s no simply escape from it, from grade school to college life to our professional life. No matter how much we hate creating and designing visuals and slides and speaking in front of a bunch of people, we have no choice to do it. When we were students, we absolutely had no … Continue reading “What is Paralanguage?”