7-Steps Foolproof Job Search Guide

According to Glassdoor, the average job opening attracts around 250 candidates, so no wonder why most of the job seekers experience more failures than wins. What if you couldn’t find a job for a long time because you missed on or failed something really important? Don’t worry — the only thing you need to do is … Continue reading “7-Steps Foolproof Job Search Guide”

A Visual Guide to Running the Best Meetings Ever

According to a study in MIT Sloan Management Review, executive level staff are currently spending almost 23 hours a week in meetings, more than double what they would have spent in the 1960s. Clearly some of these meetings must be important, but do they have to take up quite so much time that could be … Continue reading “A Visual Guide to Running the Best Meetings Ever”

Skills Required for the Fastest Growing Industries

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the total number of jobs is expected to increase by 11.5 million by 2026. This is due to several main reasons including the fast technological progress and the shifts in the demographic characteristics of the labour market. Which industries will change the most? In the next several … Continue reading “Skills Required for the Fastest Growing Industries”

28 Habits That Block Your Happiness

We wonder, we kill our own happiness and then blame fate for each and everything. Attaining happiness is no rocket science. You too can achieve it by bringing positive changes in your life. All you need is to tilt your way of seeing things. Life is a beautiful gift of Divine; there is no sanity … Continue reading “28 Habits That Block Your Happiness”

How to Pick up New Career Skills with Ease?

Learning new skills in the workplace, or completely making a shift in your career can be a daunting task to take on all at once. You may have the tools, training, books, and resources to completely master a skill, but it is easier said than done. The common statement that humans only use 10% of … Continue reading “How to Pick up New Career Skills with Ease?”

How to Use Facebook Jobs to Find More Candidates?

How do you find the best person for the job? Even just a few decades ago, you probably placed an ad in the newspaper and then reached out to your network. It was a little bit of luck, a little bit of word of mouth, and a whole lot of depending on the market, too. … Continue reading “How to Use Facebook Jobs to Find More Candidates?”

Women in Tech: A Look at Today’s Female Cybersecurity Leaders

From Hollywood to Silicon Valley, women have been the subject of gender bias, sexual harassment, and little progress when it comes to equitable wages. Simply put, gender inequality is pervasive in American society. Many people have written about the causes of the gender gap in the tech industry with theories ranging from industry discrimination to socialization … Continue reading “Women in Tech: A Look at Today’s Female Cybersecurity Leaders”

How to Fast-Track Your Way to Promotion?

A job promotion happens when an employee moves up the organizational ranks of a company and takes on often harder, more advanced tasks that are still related to his or her former position. Aside from taking on new (sometimes, even more) responsibilities, it can also include handling a team or employees of a lower rank … Continue reading “How to Fast-Track Your Way to Promotion?”