7 Highest Earning Permanent Occupations

Teachers and academics will always tell you to pursue a career based on the subject which you are naturally inclined towards. Financially speaking there are some careers which are worth pursuing. There are some careers which are highly demanding but they fail to justify the worker’s efforts with favorable earnings. You will potentially be working … Continue reading “7 Highest Earning Permanent Occupations”

The 8 Most In-Demand IT Jobs In 2017

Though the economy of many countries remain stagnant, the field of information technology and computer science continues to grow at an impressive rate. This growth is mainly due to the increasing use of technology in commercial and domestic settings. ​According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate for IT experts is expected to … Continue reading “The 8 Most In-Demand IT Jobs In 2017”

15 Jobs with High Pay and Low Stress

What if we told you that you could have a job that not only involved minimum stress but also paid well?   We won’t blame you if you don’t believe us. We didn’t believe it either – until we saw this cool, new infographic from Quantum Binders that listed 15 jobs that pay up to … Continue reading “15 Jobs with High Pay and Low Stress”