The Dos And Don’ts Of Job Interviews

There’s an increasing amount of competition in the job market, and some roles receive hundreds of applications so it’s important for candidates to stand out from the crowd. The first stage is to make sure your CV really sells your skills on paper, enough to win you a face-to-face interview with a potential employer. If … Continue reading “The Dos And Don’ts Of Job Interviews”

10 Effective Tips to Ace a Job Interview

Interviews can be truly annoying. After all, the interviewers will examine your entire history under the microscope. The issue is you’ll have very limited time to persuade your future employers about why appointing you would be an incredible business decision. However, with proper planning and a little practice, you can nail your interview perfectly. Undoubtedly, … Continue reading “10 Effective Tips to Ace a Job Interview”

How to Recover From an Interview Blunder

Who among us has not walked out of an interview and minutes or even hours later realised that there were things we should not have said or done during the interview? Sometimes, these are genuine slip-ups and interviewers empathise with you, having themselves been on the other side once. However, there are some unforgivable mistakes … Continue reading “How to Recover From an Interview Blunder”

Preparation – The Key To Unlocking Your Career

If you want to master your career, you’re going to need to prepare. Preparation is key in all areas of your life. For example, if you’re cooking and you don’t know what ingredients to use – that’s because you didn’t prepare. If things burn and you are panicking, that is because you didn’t prepare. Preparation … Continue reading “Preparation – The Key To Unlocking Your Career”

Are You Doing Enough To Land That Dream Role Find Out Here?

A rewarding career is an aspiration shared by millions, but landing that dream job isn’t easy. In today’s climate, many people are happy to have any job. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on your perfect role. The competition for vacancies is fierce than ever. Whether you’re a graduate or someone looking for … Continue reading “Are You Doing Enough To Land That Dream Role Find Out Here?”

7 Best Tips to Ace Your Job Interview

Did you receive the call for a job interview from one of the prestigious company of the town? Great, Congratulations! You’ve been long waiting for this day and it’s finally there. You must be excited, right? But wait! This isn’t all. You must be anxious as well as worried that whether you’ll be able to … Continue reading “7 Best Tips to Ace Your Job Interview”

What to Do Immediately after an Interview to Ensure you Land Your Dream Job

Congratulations. You search a job site and a job that appeals to you. You sent in your resume and you have been invited for the job interview. Everything seems to be just perfect like the meal Goldilocks had prepared in the fairy tale Goldilocks and The Three Bear. So you pick up every single advice on … Continue reading “What to Do Immediately after an Interview to Ensure you Land Your Dream Job”

The Top 5 Tips for Preparing for Your Interview

When it comes to preparing for job interviews, there are a few things you can remember that will help you feel ready and comfortable when it comes time to do the interview. By following these three simple steps for preparing for your interview, you will go in ready and make the best first impression: 1. … Continue reading “The Top 5 Tips for Preparing for Your Interview”

6 Tricks to Nail an Interview for a Position in Sales

The world of sales is highly competitive from day one, and interviewing for a sales position is no exception. Understanding the competitive nature of a sales interview and approaching it with a winning mindset can help you to wow the interviewer and give you an advantage over your competitors in the job market. If followed … Continue reading “6 Tricks to Nail an Interview for a Position in Sales”

Tips for Successful Telephone Interviews

Telephone interviews are very common these days . Whether be it in the small industries, to the big hounds of the World, everywhere there are interviews going on through the phone. Sounds confusing but it is true. Now several interviews are going through voice calls, telephone, etc. Telephone interviews are both advantageous to the interviewer … Continue reading “Tips for Successful Telephone Interviews”