Which Jobs Robots will Take in the Near Future?

With today’s development of artificial intelligence, humankind faces the very high likelihood of considerable changes to our lifestyle. In particular, changes to the employment market, as many professions will decrease in necessity. Some may become extinct entirely. Check out our list of jobs which will disappear partially or may be entirely replaced by the robots. … Continue reading “Which Jobs Robots will Take in the Near Future?”

6 Career Paths For Those who Love Writing

We live in the information age and technology has revolutionized our lives in unprecedented ways providing many exciting opportunities for anyone to pursue. One of the places where you can make an extra buck is writing. In the writing industry, there are new careers that have come up like blogging and the old ones like … Continue reading “6 Career Paths For Those who Love Writing”

Jobs Where Geekiness is Appreciated

he term geek was once derogatory. It brought to mind someone with glasses, a retainer, and no friends. Someone was often on the receiving end of wedgies or getting slammed into lockers. That’s far from the case now though, as people take pride in their geekiness. Some are even able to put their geekiness to … Continue reading “Jobs Where Geekiness is Appreciated”

Do You Have What it Takes For a Career in Journalism?

The press serves a basic yet tremendously distinguished function in society. It is the roof over the pillars of democracy. These pillars – justice, equality, freedom and representation must be safeguarded in order to protect the interests of those they serve- the people at large. Journalists make up this collective that safeguards the spirit of … Continue reading “Do You Have What it Takes For a Career in Journalism?”

13 of the Best Paid (Realistic) Careers That Don’t Require A Degree

Even today, many people still consider University Education the best or only way to attain a well-paying job. Whilst this assumption still holds value, there are now a plethora of professions around that do not require a degree to get into, and which allow you to achieve an above average to highly lucrative salary. What … Continue reading “13 of the Best Paid (Realistic) Careers That Don’t Require A Degree”