6 Ideas to Hone Your Leadership Skills

First things first. Before we start getting into the practical information, let’s talk a bit about what really means to be a real leader. Even if we are in the 21st century, there is still a huge deception on this matter. First of all, a leader is that particular person of the team who always takes … Continue reading “6 Ideas to Hone Your Leadership Skills”

#83 – Leadership Expert Series : Andreas Jones

For Episode 83 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be continuing the Leadership Expert Series; and we will be hearing from Leadership Coach and Consultant Andreas Jones. Guest Introduction – Andreas Jones Andreas Jones is an award winning, best selling author. He’s also a life and business strategist and consultant, and an Army combat veteran. He’s a … Continue reading “#83 – Leadership Expert Series : Andreas Jones”

5 Qualities of Effective Millennial Leaders

As millennials approach age 30, more focus on what it takes to be a leader and how to grow their careers in that direction. Older generations label millennials as entitled, tech-absorbed and lazy job hoppers. Research, however, frames millennials in a more positive way, as eco-conscious, community-minded, innovative, empathetic and driven. These qualities empower millennials … Continue reading “5 Qualities of Effective Millennial Leaders”

How to Conduct an Effective Leadership Training?

During my college days we were asked a question “what quality should a good manager possess?” there were more than 50 qualities that were named in the classroom, but the one that stood apart and everyone agreed on was “Leadership skill”. Today the organization world is moving towards developing a new skill in the manager … Continue reading “How to Conduct an Effective Leadership Training?”

5 Ideas for Successful Management

When training a manager to strive for successful management in the workplace, it will not only create a healthier and happier environment for their team, it will also advance leadership potential. Here are 5 tips to consider when training a team for successful management: 1. Employee Review Managers need to remember that when providing staff … Continue reading “5 Ideas for Successful Management”

How to Know if Someone is a Good Leader?

Every organisation out there needs a team of experienced and passionate leaders. Finding leaders within an organisation most of the time requires locating the individuals with leadership potential – it’s easier to fill the manager’s post with someone who knows the inner workings of the company rather than hiring a new person. It’s also far … Continue reading “How to Know if Someone is a Good Leader?”

13 Essential Qualities of a Good Team Leader

Excellent coordination among team members is critical to any business. Teamwork is the base of success for most of the companies. We idealize team work as a set of a well-oiled machine with team members acting as gears complementing each other’s functioning. But in reality, there are always one or two rusty gears that make the … Continue reading “13 Essential Qualities of a Good Team Leader”

How to Get an A+ on Your Performance Management Program?

If you were always a straight-A student, you probably looked forward to receiving every report card. Some of us, on the other hand, were easily distracted by boys or baseball or hairstyles or Hendrix. We did well in some subjects but struggled through others, and so we dreaded report card time. Our palms got sweaty … Continue reading “How to Get an A+ on Your Performance Management Program?”