Stay Relevant in your Career with Online Learning

Photo Credit – All careers require you to keep learning. Some are mandated by law or employer (teacher, plumber, nurse), others are necessitated by the fast-paced growth of technology or ideas in the field. Either way, if you want to stay relevant in your area, you need to keep learning. Sometimes the value of … Continue reading “Stay Relevant in your Career with Online Learning”

Weekly Roundup | Jan 11 to Jan 15 2016 | Accelerated Learning

Here are the Top 3 of the Most liked, shared and commented posts on Accelerated Learning, for the week of January 11th to January 15th,2016. 1. We Learn More When We Learn Together Jane E Dutton and Emily Heaphy share their findings that when people come together to learn, they increase the effectiveness of their … Continue reading “Weekly Roundup | Jan 11 to Jan 15 2016 | Accelerated Learning”

Learn Anything Fast in 20 Hours

I am a learning addict. I love to learn new things, perhaps it is my innate curiosity to know more about how things. But I am always looking forward to learning something new, acquiring a new skill, sharpening my existing skills. I am always looking for Hacks, Shortcuts, Tips,Tricks to acquire a new skill. However, … Continue reading “Learn Anything Fast in 20 Hours”

How can I Learn A Foreign Language?

In the previous article, I wrote about the Benefits of learning a foreign language ,and the positive impact it will have on both your personal & professional life. However, I am always asked this question ” What is the best way to learn a foreign language?”. There are multiple methods or ideas you can use … Continue reading “How can I Learn A Foreign Language?”

5.1 Benefits of Learning A New Language

According to Ethonologue, there are about 7100 Languages in the world today. That is 7009 more languages than English . With the world being more connected, there are more advantages for you to improve your linguistic skills than ever before. English is still (and will continue) to be the highest spoken language in the world. … Continue reading “5.1 Benefits of Learning A New Language”