Why Choose a Career in Social Media Management?

A career in social media management can be difficult, but it has some major perks and benefits. Social Media Management is a newly developed career path that you may have overlooked when thinking about your future career choice. As new social networks continue to rapidly sprout, Social Media Marketing has become a new branch within … Continue reading “Why Choose a Career in Social Media Management?”

3 Certifications To Boost Your Job Search In 2018!

If you are looking for a job or a change in your current profile, then there are ample lots of options available throughout. The catch, however, is that: one, not all the options are for everyone; two, not all options may be versatile enough to accommodate you; three, not all options may provide a professional … Continue reading “3 Certifications To Boost Your Job Search In 2018!”

Best Career Options for Graduate Students

Every student has been in this situation, you are nearing the end of your time studying, you have had an amazing experience and have grown as a person, as well as grown an understanding of a range of different topics. Even with all this positive energy and optimism, when you think about life after studying, … Continue reading “Best Career Options for Graduate Students”

Building a Career in the Event Industry – 11 Different Job Types

The Events Industry is an extremely competitive place but is full of fruitful opportunities that can elevate your lifestyle notably. It is the most creative space because there are opportunities for every skill; be it management, singing, hospitality or security. The attractive opportunities that it offers come with a price, i.e. high competition and lack … Continue reading “Building a Career in the Event Industry – 11 Different Job Types”

7 Uncommon Freelance Jobs for Millennials and Gen Z

Modern technologies keep advancing all the time. Therefore, career opportunities are immense nowadays. It is worth mentioning that freelance work is becoming increasingly popular. Currently, the number of self-employed workers among Millennials has extremely raised and by 2020 around 40 percent of workers in the United States are expected to be independent contractors. If you want … Continue reading “7 Uncommon Freelance Jobs for Millennials and Gen Z”

12 Best Career Paths for Introverts

The belief that extroverts make the most successful professionals is long out-of-date. Introverted people have their unique abilities and strengths that make them just as valuable on the job market as extroverts. Sometimes it’s more important to get a job that fits our preferences and personality, not the one that pays best. If you have … Continue reading “12 Best Career Paths for Introverts”

Why You Shouldn’t Get a Job in Digital Marketing?

Google ‘digital marketing career’ and you’ll find thousands upon thousands of articles telling you it’s the best job in the world. The evidence is vast: there’s a digital skills gap so loads of jobs are available, the industry is on an upward trajectory that shows no signs of slowing, you get to be creative all day … Continue reading “Why You Shouldn’t Get a Job in Digital Marketing?”

6 Career Choices You’ve Never Considered

When considering career ideas, sometimes, you can find that most businesses want experience that you don’t have yet and it can put you off pursuing that line of work. With some career choices, there are secret ways to break into the sector without having direct experience, instead, experience in another line of work can spike … Continue reading “6 Career Choices You’ve Never Considered”