Keeping Your Wits While Working Multiple Jobs

Many people go through at least a period of time where they find it necessary to work more than one job. If you enjoy working a second or third job and are doing it because you love it, great. but for those that are doing it because they have to, it can take a tremendous … Continue reading “Keeping Your Wits While Working Multiple Jobs”

Balancing Your Side Hustle with Your 9-to-5 Job

Many people are focused on trying to pay off debts quickly, save more money and accomplish other financial goals. It can be challenging to meet all of your goals on your current salary, and because of this, side hustles are increasingly popular. Some people even find that they can make more money on the side … Continue reading “Balancing Your Side Hustle with Your 9-to-5 Job”

How to Separate Work from Play as a Remote Worker

Technology makes it possible for more workers to telecommute. It eliminates the daily commute for the employee, while it saves the company on office space and utility bills. As a remote worker, you can do your job in shorts and slippers if you like, take a break whenever you want, or keep your beloved pet … Continue reading “How to Separate Work from Play as a Remote Worker”

Jobs Where Geekiness is Appreciated

he term geek was once derogatory. It brought to mind someone with glasses, a retainer, and no friends. Someone was often on the receiving end of wedgies or getting slammed into lockers. That’s far from the case now though, as people take pride in their geekiness. Some are even able to put their geekiness to … Continue reading “Jobs Where Geekiness is Appreciated”