7 Uncommon Freelance Jobs for Millennials and Gen Z

Modern technologies keep advancing all the time. Therefore, career opportunities are immense nowadays. It is worth mentioning that freelance work is becoming increasingly popular. Currently, the number of self-employed workers among Millennials has extremely raised and by 2020 around 40 percent of workers in the United States are expected to be independent contractors. If you want … Continue reading “7 Uncommon Freelance Jobs for Millennials and Gen Z”

Millennials – Do You Know Where You Want to Work?

For years now, college grads have considered it somewhat of a miracle if they found jobs in their career fields. They moved back home with mom and dad, took menial positions while they continued to look, or went on to graduate school, hoping things would improve once a few more years passed and they had … Continue reading “Millennials – Do You Know Where You Want to Work?”

5 Qualities of Effective Millennial Leaders

As millennials approach age 30, more focus on what it takes to be a leader and how to grow their careers in that direction. Older generations label millennials as entitled, tech-absorbed and lazy job hoppers. Research, however, frames millennials in a more positive way, as eco-conscious, community-minded, innovative, empathetic and driven. These qualities empower millennials … Continue reading “5 Qualities of Effective Millennial Leaders”

What Millennials Expect From their Employers

Millennials are joining the workforce in increasing numbers and will represent nearly 75 percent by 2025. Currently, 40 percent of companies employ 50 or more millennials; however 44 percent of millennials say they will leave their job within two years. This generation is considered the most diverse in U.S. history and has obtained more college … Continue reading “What Millennials Expect From their Employers”

6 Things Every Millennial Should Know About Working for 500 Fortune Companies

Many people, and especially millennials striving to prove themselves as valuable members of the workforce, are attracted to opportunities at Fortune 500 companies. They view working for a large, recognizable brand as a badge of honor, a career-making opportunity that will allow them to be able to compete for any job they might want in … Continue reading “6 Things Every Millennial Should Know About Working for 500 Fortune Companies”

How to Help Millennials Succeed in the Workplace

Ever since they began to graduate from college and enter the marketplace, Millennials have maintained a less-than-flattering reputation. Millennials are often depicted as lazy, inefficient and entitled. While this may be true for some, it’s certainly not the truth for the majority. What many people fail to see is how beneficial young energy can be … Continue reading “How to Help Millennials Succeed in the Workplace”

Young Professionals – You’re Doing It Wrong

For those of you who remember your philosophy courses, here’s a syllogism which is undeniably true. Individuals who step outside the rules of compliance get noticed, People who get noticed typically have more opportunities than those who are invisible to those around and above them. Ergo if you are non- compliant with the rule system … Continue reading “Young Professionals – You’re Doing It Wrong”

Employers Place Substantial Value on the Soft Skills of Young Professionals

A recent study by education charity Central YMCA which surveyed senior managers at over 200 businesses, revealed that UK employers value more than just work-related skills in young people coming out of the education system and into the workplace. According to the study, alongside valuing someone who is well-travelled and has experiences of other cultures, … Continue reading “Employers Place Substantial Value on the Soft Skills of Young Professionals”