What to Do When Your Job Doesn’t Fit Your Personality?

Perhaps you’re a recent college grad, a few months into a new career. Perhaps you’ve been plugging away at your company for a decade or more. But something isn’t right. You feel drained at the end of the day–more than normal post-work tiredness. You’re anxious. The start of the weekend, for you, means a slow … Continue reading “What to Do When Your Job Doesn’t Fit Your Personality?”

The Relationship Between Meditation and Productivity

Being Productive is often associated with getting more done. It may sound counter intuitive to associate something like meditation, which idles the mind, with productivity. This is not one of those new age, pseudo-science posts about meditation & and how it will help you get connected to your chakras, circles and the whole world. No.. … Continue reading “The Relationship Between Meditation and Productivity”