The Ultimate Guide To Office Etiquette For First Time Employees

For many millions of people all around the world, offices are at the centre of their working lives. From journalists to engineers, recruiters to charity workers, offices provide a place of work for people in every possible industry. However, for some, the world of office work can seem pretty alien. If you have just left … Continue reading “The Ultimate Guide To Office Etiquette For First Time Employees”

Create an Inspiring Workplace in 2017

When you think about work, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it co-workers (both the good ones and the bad ones)? Or do you get overwhelmed with thoughts of deadlines and projects? When you walk into your office do you feel deflated—or exalted?  If your office leaves you feeling less than inspired, … Continue reading “Create an Inspiring Workplace in 2017”

5 Tools for Finding an Office Space for Freelancers

Plenty of freelancers operate remotely to reduce their overhead expenses and lessen the time it takes to get things going. Most, if not all, of them use online platforms to overcome the distance barrier – allowing them to communicate with distant clients and collaborate with other freelancers as if they’re in the same building. Thanks … Continue reading “5 Tools for Finding an Office Space for Freelancers”

Nothing Feels Worse Than Getting Screwed Over At Work

When you were at university or college, you were promised the world. You were told that if you got certain qualifications, you could be whatever you wanted to be and succeed in life. Then you got into the workforce and discovered that this isn’t how it works. Instead, you met a bunch of people who … Continue reading “Nothing Feels Worse Than Getting Screwed Over At Work”

Telecommuting vs. Office-Based Staff : Which Works Best for Your Company?

Some companies allow their employees to work from home. Others stick to the conventional office-based work. Which of these options are better? Our friends over at FindMyWorkSpace compare both alternatives so you can decide which best suits your company. Decades ago, going to work means that employees really need to up and leave the house to … Continue reading “Telecommuting vs. Office-Based Staff : Which Works Best for Your Company?”

What’s in Store for You in Coworking Spaces?

If you’re a person who likes to study all things trending, then coworking spaces should definitely be on your radar. Coworking spaces are areas where individuals working independently or collaboratively get to work in a shared office space. Gone are the days of freelancers and consultants trying to fit in the coffee shop or settling … Continue reading “What’s in Store for You in Coworking Spaces?”

Benefits & Drawbacks of Open Office Spaces

Through the history of work, offices have taken all shapes and sizes. One of the more recent trends has focused on open offices, which are supposed to drive communication and collaboration, as well as a push toward a more level office work place. It’s a trend with staying power, too: Almost three-fourths of all employees … Continue reading “Benefits & Drawbacks of Open Office Spaces”

Roads towards a Perfect Startup Office

Starting a startup office is an exciting time for you. You have managed to evolve your entrepreneurial idea and you are ready to finally move from your home office. However, finding the right real estate for the office is only a first step towards the perfect startup office. There are plenty of other aspects to … Continue reading “Roads towards a Perfect Startup Office”

What Happens When You Outgrow The Coworking Space

You outgrew your spare room. Then you outgrew the garage. Now you’re ready to shed your coworking skin and branch out completely on your own. This is an exciting and, frankly, overwhelming time for you and for your company. There are a lot of details to manage and if you don’t manage them well, you … Continue reading “What Happens When You Outgrow The Coworking Space”

The Benefits of Working from the Office

We live in a hyper-connected world. Technology enables us to work from anywhere. I am writing this article from my laptop from a public library. A friend of mine Rob is a programmer- he works for a Canadian Tech company but he lives & works in Thailand (Yes I am jealous… aren’t you?). With smartphones … Continue reading “The Benefits of Working from the Office”