Cool Jobs: 3D Printing & Future Careers in Health Care

As the healthcare industry progresses and changes with culture, laws, we find that technology can be incorporated to help advance the medical field and healthcare industry even further into the future. One of the technologies being used in this way right now is 3D printing, and it’s becoming more and more commonplace as time goes … Continue reading “Cool Jobs: 3D Printing & Future Careers in Health Care”

6 Unique and Exciting Career Paths

Are you bored of the same old job search that doesn’t seem to return anything interesting? You’ve seen the same handful of local jobs pop up time and time again and you’re not feeling inspired to apply for any positions. Well, good news for you, brand new jobs are being created each and every day. … Continue reading “6 Unique and Exciting Career Paths”

The Growing Need for Nursing Educators

Nursing educators are an important part of the healthcare industry, because they provide the training and education to the next generation of nurses. Currently, there is a shortage of nurses as well as a high demand for nursing professionals, so the job outlook for nurse educators is high.  There are several reasons why there is … Continue reading “The Growing Need for Nursing Educators”