The Truth About Careers in Social Work

In social work circles, there is a popular joke: A mugger accosts a social worker with a gun, shouting, “Your money or your life!” The social worker shrugs carelessly, “I’m sorry, I’m a social worker. I have no money and no life.” Social work is a hard career, and jokes like these – dark and dry … Continue reading “The Truth About Careers in Social Work”

Getting That Job: The Perfect Headshot

It used to be that when you looked for a job, the personal connection was essential. Instead of applying online, you sent out applications and then followed up with a personal phone call in order to get an interview.   Now companies will not take personal phone calls and you need another way of connection. … Continue reading “Getting That Job: The Perfect Headshot”

5 Best Career Choices for Empaths

If you’re a naturally very empathetic person, then choosing the right career path is especially important. Empaths naturally seek jobs that are fulfilling and allow them to reach and help their fellow men and women. Empaths also tend to be affected more deeply by stressful environments that don’t speak to their strengths. Fortunately, there are … Continue reading “5 Best Career Choices for Empaths”

5 Jobs Robots Probably Won’t Be Stealing Any Time Soon

If you’re about to enroll in a new degree program or make a career change, it’s crucial that you devote some time to understanding the ways technology is influencing the current job market. Robots, artificial intelligence and software-enabled automations should be of particular interest as you perform your job market research. It would be a … Continue reading “5 Jobs Robots Probably Won’t Be Stealing Any Time Soon”

So You Want a Job in Film & Television? Use These Tips for Success

Do you think that you have what it takes to become the next big actor or actress in Hollywood but cannot seem to get your foot in the door? Many people share in this same dilemma, but there are numerous ways to ensure that your talents do not go to waste. Many people find it … Continue reading “So You Want a Job in Film & Television? Use These Tips for Success”

Landing A High-Flying Job In Aviation

Aviation is still one of the most high-paying industries in the world. But what does it take in order to be qualified for a job in this industry? Here are the aviation careers with the highest salary and some advice on how to get your foot in the door.    1. Becoming a Pilot Many … Continue reading “Landing A High-Flying Job In Aviation”

6 Ideas for Managing Your Team More Effectively

Have you recently been promoted or tasked with leading a team? That’s great! What’s not so great is if the team you have been tasked with overseeing are is not functioning properly. For a first-time manager or leader of a team, dysfunction can be the source of much stress and despair. Although being tasked with leading a … Continue reading “6 Ideas for Managing Your Team More Effectively”

5 Ways of Improving your Chances of Promotion

Do you feel you are ready for your next big promotion, but haven’t quite achieved it?  What could be holding you back?  Do you think that you are deserving of a bigger paycheck than you are?   It could be that you haven’t quite made your career goal of 2018 yet, so we have put … Continue reading “5 Ways of Improving your Chances of Promotion”