Ep#8 – The C.A.R.E. Vlog – Finding A Career that’s Parallel to Your Life Purpose

How Do You Define a Successful Career?

While studying in schools or colleges, students are always told to measure success according to the grades they achieve. They are always told that clearing every examination is joyous only when you are amongst the top scorers. ​Thus, when these students start their career journey with this mind set they always look for some metrics … Continue reading “How Do You Define a Successful Career?”

Risk and Failure; Your Best Allies

It happens all the time. Every freelancer had at least one big crash. That awesome idea, that winner solution, that unbelievable service everyone needs and YOU can offer turned into a major failure. It could not happen, but it did. Suddenly you “wake up” to a nightmare. That planned business has failed, miserably. Now you … Continue reading “Risk and Failure; Your Best Allies”

Your Career Doesn’t Depend on What You’re Interested In, But…

Young professionals are frequently asked “What are you interested in?” as they apply for many job opportunities in search of an eventual career.   It’s the wrong question to define whether or not an individual is driven to achieve.   An interest is “the state of learning or wanting to know about something…”   It’s … Continue reading “Your Career Doesn’t Depend on What You’re Interested In, But…”

Are You Doing a Job You Love?

You spend most of your life at work. If you’re going to devote all your time and energy to a job, it may as well be one you love. If you don’t answer yes to this question, maybe it’s time to start considering other options. Here are some tips to help you decide what to … Continue reading “Are You Doing a Job You Love?”

Turn Your Passion for Photography into a Profession

Do you love taking pictures? Maybe you’re one of those people who absolutely adore taking selfies and photos of your food. What does it mean? Well aside from a high dose of vanity -kidding- it could mean you’re destined to become a photographer. We know what you’re thinking: “I just take them for fun.” That’s … Continue reading “Turn Your Passion for Photography into a Profession”

The Skills and Traits Employers Want To See in Your Resume

The resume can be a difficult thing for many to tackle. There’s a lot of space and you don’t want to fill it with job descriptions from a long time ago or every detail of your early education. Look over your resume and look at the points we list below. How many of them can … Continue reading “The Skills and Traits Employers Want To See in Your Resume”