Apps for Building your Brand

Stats suggest that smartphone users spend a sizeable chunk of their time browsing through apps. As a brand owner, chances are you do too. How about spending your time on applications that actually improve your business?   These applications are great for getting tasks done on the go. The ones on this list would make … Continue reading “Apps for Building your Brand”

How to Build Your Personal Brand With Outreach

Your personal brand tells the world who you are. Many people may choose to create and maintain a personal brand to help them advance their career, get new jobs or build a business of their own. However, a personal brand doesn’t come by simply creating an idea of how you would like to be perceived. … Continue reading “How to Build Your Personal Brand With Outreach”

Developing Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

As the growing number of people are making a committed effort to find their place in the online community, the rules are changing and the environment is becoming more competitive. In such a context, platforms like LinkedIn are starting to play an even bigger role on the global labor market. In a nutshell, LinkedIn is … Continue reading “Developing Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn”

1 Billion Extra People Noticing Your LinkedIn Profile

  In Stanley Kubrick’s cult classic 2001: A Space Odyssey, humans leapt forward from cave-dwelling apes eating shrubs for survival to space dwellers exploring the moon and Jupiter for a living. The impetus? The arrival of a mysterious new monolith. Recently, the monolith known as Microsoft purchased LinkedIn. The deal, which won’t be final until … Continue reading “1 Billion Extra People Noticing Your LinkedIn Profile”

Summer 2016 Roundup | Personal Branding

The Monthly Roundup series was not published for the past few months, as I was busy getting the Podcast up and running. So I decided to do a Summer Roundup instead (for the months of June, July, August). Summer is a busy time for most people. Everyone is usually away travelling or involved in some … Continue reading “Summer 2016 Roundup | Personal Branding”

10 Ways to Create an Unique Personal Brand

People always ask me how they can stand out from the crowd. Here are the ten critical steps you need to take: 1. How can I do this differently? Ask yourself the question “How can I do this differently?” Just having the subject top of mind will lead you in the right direction. Ask yourself … Continue reading “10 Ways to Create an Unique Personal Brand”

Expert Roundup – Top 5 Articles on enhancing your Personal Brand (Nov 9 to Nov 13)

In case you missed these posts this past week (Nov 9th to Nov 13th) I have compiled the Top 5 Most shared/engaged articles on the web – on the topic of enhancing your Personal Brand. 1 . Surprising Ways to Tweak your Personal Brand This post was originally published on Women Working; and has received … Continue reading “Expert Roundup – Top 5 Articles on enhancing your Personal Brand (Nov 9 to Nov 13)”

What is Personal Branding AND Why is it Important?

In the previous post, I shared about how I got introduced to the idea of Personal Branding. Since this is a topic you hear a lot these days, I wanted to share further insights on Personal Branding. In this post, we will discuss what Personal Branding is, and what are some of the key benefits … Continue reading “What is Personal Branding AND Why is it Important?”

How to Build your Online Brand? There is a lot of talk today about Branding. I would like to share this article from They share some simple ideas to start working on your online brand. KEY POINTS GOOGLE – What shows up when you Google yourself? Does what you see (pictures,videos,etc.) match your resume? Imagine having something questionable, and … Continue reading “How to Build your Online Brand?”