13 Tips to Working More After Less Sleep

Have you ever spent a night just counting the parallel lines on your ceiling’s PoP design, which you had not noticed even when you got your dream house constructed? Or may be checking your phone a million times and reading all those push messages which you would normally sift through trash without even glancing at … Continue reading “13 Tips to Working More After Less Sleep”

10 Productivity Boosts Backed by Science

Making changes at work to become more productive is crucial for career progression, but it does require a certain amount of knowledge and effort to manage your time better and see positive results. However, help is at hand with some simple yet very effective strategies to help boost your productivity that have been proven to … Continue reading “10 Productivity Boosts Backed by Science”

Simple Ideas to be More Productive

Why do we need to be productive? Why are we even asking this question? Well, of course need to be productive. We all have goals. Our goals are the main reason why we need to be productive. Without our goals, then why would we even bother getting a job? All the things we do are … Continue reading “Simple Ideas to be More Productive”

9 Easy Ways To De-Stress At Work

The workplace can be an extremely stressful environment. It is not uncommon to experience sleepless night, worrying about work, it is a major part of your life, something you deal with every day. And there is always something to be stressed about, whether it is a deadline or a difficult client, or simply the Monday … Continue reading “9 Easy Ways To De-Stress At Work”

5 Productivity Tools for Writers

Staring at a blank page, crossing out one sentence after another because none of them seems to fit. You sit there, paralyzed, aware that the clock is ticking and that you have a tight deadline to meet, fearing that you have been bitten by the Blank Page bug. The good news is that, while there … Continue reading “5 Productivity Tools for Writers”

Why SMART Goals are Important to Project Success

An important factor in taking your career to the next level is goal-setting, because objectives will keep you focused on important tasks and motivate you to strive for excellence. Goals will also improve your project’s success by setting smaller daily tasks to accomplish a larger objective. By writing your goals down and sharing them with … Continue reading “Why SMART Goals are Important to Project Success”

How to Make the Most of Your Free Time at Work

We all lead a very busy life where a majority of the time goes into working at our jobs. It is difficult to find time for ourselves after office hours; it almost feels like a dream when a client cancels at the last minute or a meeting is rescheduled for some other day or you … Continue reading “How to Make the Most of Your Free Time at Work”

Tips to Deal with Stress at a New Job

The first few days at a new job are often nightmarish and very stressful. You want to make a good first impression, but don’t want to give off a too-eager-to-please vibe. On top of that, it is never easy to get adjusted with new colleagues, responsibilities, and routines. Every small mistake will leave you questioning … Continue reading “Tips to Deal with Stress at a New Job”

5 Reasons Why Your Performance At Work Is Declining

In a world where high-demand is a common ingredient in daily life and working performance is expected to be top-notch, many people are suffering from the struggles of keeping a balanced working life with their personal time, thus, in many cases, leading to serious health issues for not taking into account the amount of stress … Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Your Performance At Work Is Declining”

6 Mental Tricks to Pump Up Your Productivity

Thanks to social media, mobile phones, apps and all the other distractions of modern technology, it’s a wonder anyone gets anything done these days! Although the Internet and related technologies have made it easier for people to communicate and access information, they’re also a huge obstacle to productivity and efficiency. To make matters worse, research … Continue reading “6 Mental Tricks to Pump Up Your Productivity”