Which Area of Law Should You Choose As a Career?

Full Disclosure Here : We are Lawyers nor any type of a legal experts. However, we have written this after some research and scouring the internet. We are hoping this to be a resource for you 🙂 A career in law appeals to many different types of people. Perhaps you want to help uphold truth … Continue reading “Which Area of Law Should You Choose As a Career?”

Don’t Be a Snob about Career Advice

I have found that the best way to manage myself is by asking for a lot of help. The question is, how do you know who to take advice from? The answer is not always intuitive. For example, you’d think that if Bill Gates wants to give you career advice, you should take it, right? … Continue reading “Don’t Be a Snob about Career Advice”

The Relationship Between Meditation and Productivity

Being Productive is often associated with getting more done. It may sound counter intuitive to associate something like meditation, which idles the mind, with productivity. This is not one of those new age, pseudo-science posts about meditation & and how it will help you get connected to your chakras, circles and the whole world. No.. … Continue reading “The Relationship Between Meditation and Productivity”

How To Stop Being Lazy?

I consider myself a fairly productive guy, and in general I will call myself a work-horse; and people who know me well will attest to that. Yet, there are moments (and sometimes days) where I feel down-right lazy. If you are a student of productivity like me, I am sure it bothers you when this … Continue reading “How To Stop Being Lazy?”