How to Have a Successful Military to Civilian Workforce Transition

You’ve served your country for a number of years, fully immersing yourself in the life of a service member, a title that is worthy of much gratitude and admiration. But now you’re ready to come home and enter the life of a veteran and a civilian. One of the biggest transitions you’ll make is moving … Continue reading “How to Have a Successful Military to Civilian Workforce Transition”

11 Ways to Improve Your Morning

If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed every morning, it might just be more than bad luck: You are just not a morning person. There’s nothing wrong with being a bit down when you hear your alarm go off – but you can’t let that mood stick around as you get … Continue reading “11 Ways to Improve Your Morning”

How to Build Your Personal Brand With Outreach

Your personal brand tells the world who you are. Many people may choose to create and maintain a personal brand to help them advance their career, get new jobs or build a business of their own. However, a personal brand doesn’t come by simply creating an idea of how you would like to be perceived. … Continue reading “How to Build Your Personal Brand With Outreach”

How Noise is Disrupting Your Work

The modern office layout trends toward open floor plans and co-working spaces. This layout allows employees to collaborate with each other, but that ability to collaborate involves speaking over interoffice noise. Noise is everywhere, inside and outside, at home, at work and in your pocket. That’s just how it is, right? It doesn’t have to … Continue reading “How Noise is Disrupting Your Work”

Staying Productive While Working From Home

One of the biggest challenges at-home workers face is staying productive and on task. While working from home sounds like it would be an ideal situation, the truth is that there are many additional distractions at home that you probably didn’t have in an office environment. There’s housework that must be completed, friends and relatives … Continue reading “Staying Productive While Working From Home”