7 Uncommon Freelance Jobs for Millennials and Gen Z

Modern technologies keep advancing all the time. Therefore, career opportunities are immense nowadays. It is worth mentioning that freelance work is becoming increasingly popular. Currently, the number of self-employed workers among Millennials has extremely raised and by 2020 around 40 percent of workers in the United States are expected to be independent contractors. If you want … Continue reading “7 Uncommon Freelance Jobs for Millennials and Gen Z”

8 Trending Freelancing Jobs For The Creative Bugs

“The only really committed artist is he who, without refusing to take part in the combat, at least refuses to join the regular armies and remains a freelance.” – Albert Camus Freelancing is no more the employment option, which is labelled risky. This label is derived from the previous notion of freelancing being synonymous with … Continue reading “8 Trending Freelancing Jobs For The Creative Bugs”

How SEO Is Affecting Your Career?

It’s no secret that recruiters are under pressure to bring the best candidates to the right companies. Many use search on Google, Linkedin, and other social media sites to find the best talent.  So, if you would like to be one of these ‘head-hunted’ individuals companies are desperate to hire, read on and find out … Continue reading “How SEO Is Affecting Your Career?”

7 Lucrative Careers You Can Start From Your Own Couch

Finding a job for somebody, who has just been dismissed, is not that easy, but with proper perseverance, everything is manageable. It is much more difficult for those, who have just graduated from institute or college, have no special education or after a long break in working life, but need a job now. But what … Continue reading “7 Lucrative Careers You Can Start From Your Own Couch”

Is SEO a Good Career Choice?

Choosing the right career for you is one of the most important aspects that could impact your future growth and happiness. That’s why this decision-making process should not be disregarded. There’s a lot of career paths one may choose from nowadays depending on his abilities, perceptions, preferences, and passion. And one of the most recognized … Continue reading “Is SEO a Good Career Choice?”